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Graduate Students' "Write-In"

Call it a "write-in," "writing retreat" or "write-a-thon," the idea is to commit to a block of time to work on your writing project. Writing Tutors and dedicated fellow grad students provide accountability, encouragement and moral support. Planning to write every weekend? Get energized by these Friday sessions. Planning to take weekends off? Write efficiently on Fridays and feel happier and more relaxed on Saturdays!

  • May 1 2015 - 2:00pm to 5:00pm with Writing Tutorial Services graduate tutors at Wells Library Tutorial Center
Supercharge your Dissertation Summer

Whether you're about to start working on your dissertation, or you're coming back to it after a busy spring, we know your goal is to get the most out of the summer months. This one-day workshop will help you start the summer right. Graduate students, librarians, faculty and other experts will share their insights on organizing your research, developing a sustainable writing schedule, staying sane while dissertating, writing with a future book project in mind, and more. Coffee/tea, snacks and lunch included! 

  • May 4 2015 - 9:00am to 4:00pm with WTS Tutors, Grad School Mentors, IUB Librarians, and others at Wells Library E159 (Hazelbaker Hall)
2014-15 Information Literacy Grants Faculty Panel

As college instructors and librarians well know, helping students engage in research as a process of inquiry is a tremendous challenge, particularly in a digital age of information overload. The IU Libraries’ Information Literacy Grants offer opportunities for course instructors and librarians to collaborate in developing or revising courses that integrate information literacy throughout the academic term. During this panel session, grant participants will share their experiences in integrating information literacy outcomes, assignments, and assessments into courses in a variety of disciplines.


César Félix-Brasdefer (Spanish & Portuguese) and Luis Gonzalez (IUB Libraries)

Jeffrey Saletnik (History of Art) and Kristina Keogh (Fine Arts Library)

Ariann Stern-Gottschalk (Slavic Studies) and Wookjin Cheun (IUB Libraries)

  • May 7 2015 - 11:00am to 12:30pm with Andrea Baer and 2014-2015 IL Grant recipients at Wells Library E159 (Hazelbaker Hall)
Trends in Online Scholarly Publishing

This workshop will provide an overview of the shift towards “openness” in scholarly publishing and what it means to publish in a digital age. There will be a focus on explaining the motivations for broader access to scholarship and its implications for stakeholders. Online publishing platforms, copyright issues, and library and publisher involvement will be highlighted.