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last updated: 10/24/2013

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The goal of library preservation is to facilitate the use of information resources for as long as they are needed, and in the forms most appropriate for their effective use. In a research library, where permanent retention is the goal, the role of preservation is to stabilize and improve the condition of the collections so that they are accessible for use by both present and future researchers. This means protecting collections from avoidable damage and deterioration, repairing materials when they become worn from use, and replacing or copying materials that cannot be repaired.

The General Collections Conservation (GCC) Unit of the E. Lingle Craig Preservation Lab is responsible for the care of the general research collections of the Indiana University Libraries, Bloomington. In the GCC, worn and damaged materials are repaired and newly acquired materials are prepared for the rigors of library use. GCC is also responsible for responding to disasters affecting the collections, environmental monitoring, and preservation assessments.

The General Collections Conservation Unit follows a collections conservation approach, which includes:

* Focusing on the highest-priority materials

* Cost-effective production methods, such as batching, pre-cut supplies, and a standard set of documented treatment protocols

* Using permanent, durable materials

* Extending the useful life of general collections in their original form whenever posssible

* Stabilizing older and special materials using non-interventive techniques

The full range of treatments performed by the GCC are documented in the Craig Lab On-Line Manual (opens new window).

last updated: 10/24/2013