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Abramenko, Peter; Brown, Kenneth  Buildings Theory and Applications  GTM 248  2008 

Agarwal, Ravi P.; O'Regan, Donal  An Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations  2008

Agarwal, Ravi P; Perera, Kanishka; Pinelas, Sandra An Introduction to Complex Analysis  2011

Agresti, Alan; Meng, Xiao-Li  Strength in Numbers: The Rising of Academic Statistics Departments in the U.S.  2013

Aigner, Martin  A Course in Enumeration GTM 238  2007

Aigner, Martin; Ziegler, Günter  Proofs from THE BOOK, 4th edition, 2010

Albert, Jim  Bayesian Computation with R  2007

Alexander, Herbert; Wermer, John Several Complex Variables and Banach Algebras GTM 35, 3ed edition, 1998

Aliprantis, Charalambos; Border, Kim C.  Infinite Dimensional Analysis A Hitchhiker's Guide 2006

Al-Gwaiz, M.A.  Sturm-Lioville Theory and its Applications  2008

Allaire, Gregoire; Kaber, Sidi Mahmoud  Numerical Linear Algebra  TAM 55  2008

Alon, Noga; Spencer, Joel H.  The Probabilistic Method  2nd edition,  2000

Amrein, W.O.; Hinz, A.M.; Pearson, D.B. Sturm-Liouville Theory Past and Present  2005

Andreescu, Titu; Enescu, Bogdan  Mathematical Olympiad Treasures 2nd ed.   2011

Arhangel'skii, Alexander; Tkachenko, Mikhail  Topological Groups and Related Structures  2008

Arkowitz, Martin  Introduction to Homotopy Theory  Universitext  2011

Arnold, Balakrishnan, Sarabia, Minguez (eds.)  Advances in Mathematical and Statistical Modeling  2008

Arnold, Vladimir I. Arnold's Problems  2005

Arnold, Vladimir I.; Khesin, Boris A.  Topological Methods in Hydrodynamics 1998

Articolo, George A.  Partial Differential Equations & Boundary Value Problems with Maple V  2009

Arveson, William A Short Course on Spectral Theory GTM 209, 2002

Asmussen, Søren; Glynn, Peter, W.  Stochastic Simulation Algorithms and Analysis  2007

Athreya, Krishna B.; Lahiri, Soumendra N.  Measure Theory and Probability Theory  2006

Atkinson, Kendall; Han, Weimin  Theoretical Numerical Analysis A Functional Analysis Framework 3rd edition 2009

Aubin, Jean-Pierre  Viability Theory 2009

Axler, Sheldon; Bourdon, Paul; Ramey, Wade Harmonic Function Theory GTM 137  2001

Babbage, Charles On the Economy of Machinery and Manufactures  1832

Bachelier, Louis Theorie de la Speculation  1900 (Hathi version); NUMDAM version Ann Sci Ecol Norm S, pp. 21-86, 1900  (Annales scientifiques de l'École Normale Supérieure, Sér. 3, 17, 1900)

Bachman, David  A Geometric Approach to Differential Forms 2006

Bak, Joseph; Newman, Donald J.  Complex Analysis  Third edition  2010

Balakrishnan, R., Ranganathan, K.  A Textbook of Graph Theory  Universitext  2012

Banagl, Markus; Vogel, Denis  Mathematics of Knots Theory and Applications  2011

Bapat, R.B.  Graphs and Matrices  2010

Barbu, Viorel  Stabilization of Navier-Stokes Flows  2011

Barbu, Vlad S.; Limnios, Nikolaos  Semi-Markov Chains and Hidden Semi-Markov Models Toward Applications: their use in reliability and DNA analysis  2008

Basu, Saugata; Pollack, Richard; Roy, Marie-Franscoise  Algorithms in Real Algebraic Geometry  2006

Beck, Matthias  The Art of Proof  Basic Training for Deeper Mathematics  2010

Bellomo, Nicola  Modeling Complex Systems A Kinetic Theory and Stochastic Game Approach  2008

Ben-Zvi, Dani; Garfield, Joan  The Challenge of Developing Statistical Literacy, Reasoning and Thinking  2005

Berger, Marcel  Geometry Revealed  A Jacob's Ladder to Modern Higher Geometry  2010

Bernatz, Richard A.  Fourier Series and Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations  2010

Besse, Arthur L. Einstein Manifolds 2008

Bhattacharya, Rabi; Waymire, E. A Basic Course in Probability Theory  2007

Bichteler, Klaus  Integration - A Functional Approach  1998

Biggs, N.L.  Codes: An Introduction to Information Communication and Cryptography  2008

Binder, Kurt; Heermann, Dieter W.  Monte Carlo Simulation in Statistical Physics An Introduction  2010

Bivand, Roger  Applied Spatial Data Analysis with R  2008

Blyth, T. S.  Lattices and Ordered Algebraic Structures  2005

Bogachev, Vladimir I.  Measure Theory  2007

Bondy, J.A.; Murty, U.S.R.  Graph Theory  GTM 244  2008

Bonfiglioli, A.; Lanconelli, E.; Uguzzoni, F. Stratified Lie Groups and Potential Theory for their Sub-Laplacians  2007

Boole, George  An Investigation of the Laws of Thought  1854

Boole, George  A Treatise on Differential Equations reprint of 4th edition, 1877  (1931)

Boole, George  A Treatise on the Calculus of Finite Differences, reprint of 3rd edition, 1926

Borg, Ingwer; Groenen, Patrick J.F.; Mair, Patrick  Applied Multidimensional Scaling  2013

Borisyuk, Alla; Friedman, A.; Ermentrout, B.; Terman, D.  Tutorials in Mathematical Biosciences I: Mathematical Neuroscience LNM 1860  2005

Böttcher, A; Silbermann, B.  Analysis of Toeplitz Operators 2nd edition  2006

Boyd, Robert  Nonlinear Optics 3rd edition  2008

Brainerd, Walter S. Guide to Fortran 2003 Programming  2009

Braunstein, Mark L.  Health Informatics in the Cloud  2013

Brenner, Susanne C.; Scott, L. Ridgway  Mathematical Theory of Finite Element Methods TAM 15  2008

Brezis, Haim  Functional Analysis, Sobolev Spaces and Partial Differential Equations  2010

Bridges, Douglas S.  Foundations of Real and Abstract Analysis  GTM 174, 1997

Brockwell, Peter J.; Davis, Richard A.  Introduction to Time Series and Forecasting 2002

Broer, Henk; Takens, F.; Hasselblatt, B.  Handbook of Dynamical Systems, Vol. 3  2011

Bromwich, T. J. I'A  An Introduction to the Theory of Infinite Series  1908

Brown, R.F.; Furi, M.; Gorniewicz, L.; Jiang, B. Handbook of Topological Fixed Point Theory  2005

Brylinski, Jean-Luc  Loop Spaces, Characteristic Classes and Geometric Quantization 1992  [reprinted 2008]

Burkhardt, C.E.; Leventhal, J.J. Foundations of Quantum Physics  2008

Burnside, W.S.; Panton, A.W.  The Theory of Equations: Introduction to the Theory of Binary Algebraic Forms 8th edition, 1918

Busam, Rolf; Freitag, Eberhard  Complex Analysis  2009

Buser, Peter  Geometry and Spectra of Compact Riemann Surfaces 2010

Butcher, J.C.  Numerical Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations (second edition) 2008

Callahan, James J.  Advanced Calculus A Geometric View 2010   See Callahan's (Smith College)  other free textbooks here, including Calculus in Context The Five College Calculus Project (1995, 2008)

Camina, Alan; Lewis, Barry  An Introduction to Enumeration  2011

Carter, Matt; Shieh, Jennifer C.  Guide to Research Techniques in Neuroscience  2010

Casella, George Statistical Design 2008

Ceccherini-Silberstein, Tullio  Cellular Automata and Groups  2010

Celma, Oscar  Music Recommendation and Discovery: The Long Tail, Long Fail, and Long Play in the Digital Music Space 2010

Chambers John Software for Data Analysis Programming with R 2008

Chen, Chun-houh; Hardle, Wolfgang; Unwin, Antony  Handbook of Data Visualization  2008

Chen, Louis H.Y.; Goldstein, Larry; Shao, Qi-Man  Normal Approximation by Stein's Method  2011

Chicone, Carmen  Ordinary Differential Equations with Applications   2nd ed., 2006

Childress, Nancy  Class Field Theory  2009

Chivers, Ian; Sleightholme, J.  Introduction to Programming with Fortran  2006

Çinlar, Erhan Probability and Stochastics GTM 261, 2011

Cipra, Tomas Financial and Insurance Formulas 2010

Cohen, Henri  Number Theory Volume I:  Tools and Diophantine Equations  GTM 239  2007

Cohen, Henri  Number Theory Volume II: Analytic and Modern Tools GTM 240  2007

Collet, Pierre; Martinez, Servet; San Martin, Jaime  Quasi-Stationary Distributions: Markov Chains, Diffusions and Dynamical Systems  2013

Connell, Edwin H.  Elements of Abstract and Linear Algebra  1985  (Connell is an emeritus Math Professor at Univ of Miami, this is a concise foundational text on abstract algebra w/ emphasis on linear algebra in five short chapters.)

Cooke, Roger  Classical Algebra: its Nature, Origin, and Uses  2008

Cowles, Mary Kathryn  Applied Bayesian Statistics with R and OpenBUGS Examples  2013

Cowpertwait, Paul S. P.; Metcalfe, Andrew V.  Introductory Time Series with R  2009

Cox, David A.; Little, John; O'Shea, Donal  Using Algebraic Geometry GTM 185, 2nd edition, 2005

Cryer, J. D.; Chan, K.S.  Time Series Analysis : with Applications in R  2008

Cusick, Thomas; Stănică, Pantelimon Cryptographic Boolean Functions and Applications  2009, Elsevier

Dafermos, C., Pokorny, M.  Handbook of Differential Equations: Evolutionary Equations  Volume 5  2009

Dafermos, C., Pokorny, M.  Handbook of Differential Equations: Evolutionary Equations Volume 4  2008

Dafernos, C., Pokorny, M.  Handbook of Differential Equations: Evolutionary Equations Volume 3  2007

Dalen, Dirk van  Logic and Structure 4th edition, 2004

Dalgaard, Peter  Introductory Statistics with R  2008

DasGupta, Anirban  Asymptotic Theory of Statistics and Probability  2008

De Bock, D; Van Dooren, W; Janssens, D; Verschaffel, L; The Illusion of Linearity: From Analysis to Improvement  2007

de Longueville, Mark  A Course in Topological Combinatorics  2013

Deitmar, Anton  A First Course in Harmonic Analysis  2nd ed.  2005

Dekking, F; Kraaikamp, C.; Lopuhaa, H.; Meester, L.  A Modern Introduction to Probability and Statistics  2005

Delac, Kresimir; Grgic, Mislav; Bartlett, Marian Stewart  Recent Advances in Face Recognition  2008

Delfs, H.; Knebl, H.  Introduction to Cryptography: Principles and Applications 2nd edition, 2007

Demidenko, Eugene  Mixed Models: Theory and Applications  2004

Demtröder, W.  Atoms, Molecules, and Photons : An Introduction to Atomic-, Molecular- and Quantum Physics  2006

Devore, Jay L.; Berk, Kenneth N.  Modern Mathematical Statistics with Applications  2012

Di Nunno, Giulia; Øksendal, Bernt  Advanced Mathematical Models for Finance  2011

DiBenedetto, Emmanuele  Classical Mechanics Theory and Mathematical Modeling  2011

Dierkes, Ulrich; Hildebrandt, Stefan; Tromba, Anthony J. Global Analysis of Minimal Surfaces 2010

Diestel, Reinhard  Graph Theory  2010

Dieudonné, Jean  A History of Algebraic and Differential Topology 1900-1960  1989 [reprinted 2009]

DiMaggio, Charles  SAS for Epidemiologists  Applications and Methods  2013

do Carmo, Manfredo P.  Selected Papers 2012

Drmota, Michael  Random Trees:  an Interplay between Combinatorics and Probability  2009

Duistermaat, J.J. Discrete Integrable Systems QRT Maps and Elliptic Surfaces  2010

Duistermaat, J.J.  Distributions Theory and Applications  2010

Duistermaat, J.J.  Fourier Integral Operators  2011

Duistermaat, J.J.  The Heat Kernal Lefshetz Fixed Point Formula for the Spin-C Dirac Operator  2011

Dunn, William L.; Shultis, J. Kenneth  Exploring Monte Carlo Methods  2011

Durrett, Richard  Essentials of Stochastic Processes  2012

Einstein, Albert  Relativity: the Special and General Theory (translated by R.W. Lawson)  1920

Eisenbud, David; Harris, Joe  The Geometry of Schemes GTM 197  2000

Eisenbud, David The Geometry of Syzgies : A Second Course in Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry GTM 229, 2005

Elaydi, Saber  An Introduction to Difference Equations  3rd edition, 2005

Enderton, Herbert B.  Computability Theory: an Introduction to Recursion Theory 2008  [this is not a Springer title, it's an Academic Press (Elsevier e-book) that offers nice supplementary reading for M584 Recursion Theory]

Enns, Richard H.  It's a Nonlinear World  2011

Erdmann, Karin; Wildon, Mark  Introduction to Lie Algebras 2006

Eschrig, Helmut  Topology and Geometry for Physics LNP 822  2011

Euler, Leonard  Elements of Algebra (translated from French, w/ notes from M. Bernoulli) 4th edition   1828

Euclid (Playfair, John)  Elements of Geometry: containing the First Six Books of Euclid with a Supplement on the Qadrature of the Circle, and the Geometry of Solids  1853

Everest, Graham; Ward, Thomas  An Introduction to Number Theory GTM 232 2005

Everitt, Brian An R and S-PLUS®  Companion to Multivariate Analysis  2005

Exner, George R.  Inside Calculus  2000

Faddeev, Ludwig D., Takhtajan, Leon A. Hamiltonian Methods in the Theory of Solitons 2007

Falissard, Bruno  Analysis of Questionnaire Data with R  2011

Favre, Charles; Jonsson, Mattias  The Valuative Tree LNM 1853  2004

Feynman, Richard  The Feynman Lectures on Physics   1963  (3 volumes  PDFs of all 3 volumes should be downloadable on the web in various locations.  See Bob if you're having trouble finding or downloading.  Download time could be several minutes.)

Filippov, Alexandre T.  The Versatile Soliton  2010

Foster, James; Nightingale, J. David  A Short Course in General Relativity  2006

Fournier, Jean-Claude  Graph Theory and Applications: with Exercises and Problems  2009

Freeden, Willi; M. Zuhair Nashed; Sonar, Thomas  Handbook of Geomathematics vol. 2, 2010

Friedlander, Eric M.; Grayson, Daniel R.(editors)  Handbook of K-Theory 2005

Friedman, Avner  Tutorials in Mathematical Biosciences III: Cell Cycle, Proliferation, and Cancer  LNM 1872  2006

Friedman, Avner  Tutorials in Mathematical Biosciences IV: Evolution and Ecology  LNM 1922  2008

Friedman, C.P.; Wyatt, J.C.; Hannah, K.J.; Ball, M.J.  Evaluation Methods in Biomedical Informatics 2nd ed. 2006

Friedman, Daniel P.; Wand, Mitchell  Essentials of Programming Languages  3rd edition 2008 [use your campusID and pswd to log in to Books24X7 or IUCAT to get to the URL for this book]

Gabbiani, Fabrizio; Cox, Steven J. Mathematics for Neuroscientists 2010

Gardener, Mark  Essential R Reference  2012

Gardner, Martin  The Universe in a Handkerchief : Lewis Carroll's Mathematical Recreations, Games, Puzzles, and Word Plays  2005

Garnett, John B.  Bounded Analytic Functions  GTM 236  2007

Gaetan, Carlo  Spatial Statistics and Modeling  2010

Galilei, Galileo  Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences, translated by Henry Crew & Alfonso de Salvio (1638) 1914 [Discourses and Mathematical Demonstrations Relating to Two New Sciences]  The two sciences are the Strength of Materials and the Motion of Objects

Galilei, Galileo  Dialogues on Two World Systems, (Ptolomy & Copernicus) Inglished from the original Italian by Thomas Salusbury in 1661, originally published in Italian in 1632 from the Archimedes Project site

Galilei, Galileo  Sidereal Messenger of Galileo Galilei [Siderius Nuncius, or Starry Messenger] 1610

Gauss, Carl Frederick  General Investigations of Curved Surfaces of 1827 and 1825 (translated by Morehead and Hiltebeitel)

Gentle, James E. Matrix Algebra  Theory, Computations, and Applications in Statistics  2007

Gentleman, Robert; Carey, V.J. et. al. Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Solutions Using R and Bioconductor 2005

Geoghegan, Ross  Topological Methods in Group Theory  GTM 243 2008

Gilman, Jane P.  Complex Analysis In the Spirit of Lipman Bers  2007

Gilmore, W.J.  Beginning PHP and MySQL : from Novice to Professional  2010

Goerss, Paul G.; Jardine, John F.  Simplicial Homotopy Theory 1999

Golan, Jonathan The Linear Algebra a Beginning Graduate Student Ought to Know 2nd edition, 2007

Good, Phillip Permutation, Parametric and Bootstrap Tests of Hypotheses 2005

Goodman, Roe; Wallach, Nolan L. Symmetry, Representations, and Invariants  GTM 255,  2009

Goodsell, David S.  The Machinery of Life 2nd ed., 2009

Gould, Martin; Hurst, Edward  Bridging the Gap to University Mathematics  2009

Grafakos, Loukas  Classical Fourier Analysis GTM 249  2009

Grafakos, Loukas  Modern Fourier Analysis  GTM 250  2009

Grätzer, George  Universal Algebra  2nd edition, [1979 or 2008, it's unclear]

Gray, Jeremy J. Linear Differential Equations and Group Theory from Riemann to Poincaré  2nd ed.  2008

Greiner, Walter; Joachim, Reinhardt  Quantum Electrodynamics  4th edition, 2009

Grillet, Pierre  Abstract Algebra  GTM 242  2007

Grossman, Christian; Roos, Hans-Gorg; Stynes, Martin  Numerical Treatment of Partial Differential Equations Translated and revised by Martin Stynes  2007

Grubb, Gerd  Distributions and Operators GTM 252  2009

Gut, Allan  An Intermediate Course in Probability  2009

Gut, Allan  Probability: A Graduate Course 2005

Gut, Allan  Probability: A Graduate Course 2013

Hall, Tim; Stacey, J P  Python 3 for Absolute Beginners  2009

Halmos, Paul; Givant, Steven  Introduction to Boolean Algebras  2009

Härdle, W.; Simar, L.  Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis 2nd edition, 2007

Harlamov, Boris  Continuous Semi-Markov Processes 2008

Hartshorne, Robin  Deformation Theory  GTM 257 2010

Hastie, Trevor; Tibshirani, Robert; Friedman, J.  Elements of Statistical Learning : Data Mining, Inference, and Prediction  2009

Hausdorff, Felix  Grundzüge der Mengenlehre  1914

Hazewinkel, M. Handbook of Algebra - Volume 6  2009

Hazewinkel, M.  Handbook of Algebra - Volume 5 2008

Hazrat, Roozbeh  Mathematica®: A Problem-Centered Approach 2010

He, Matthew; Petoukhov, Sergey  Mathematics of Bioinformatics: Theory, Practice, and Applications  2011

Heath, Sir Thomas L.  A History of Greek Mathematics Vol. 1  from Thales to Euclid   Vol. 2  from Aristarchus to Diophantus  1921

Heiberger, Richard; Neuwirth, Erich  R through Excel: a Spreadsheet Interface for Statistics, data analysis, and graphics  2009

Heil, Christopher  A Basis Theory Primer - Expanded Edition  2011

Helgason, Sigurdur  Integral Geometry and Radon Transforms  2010

Hilbert, David   The Foundations of Geometry  (translated by E.J. Townsend)  1902

Hirst, Keith  Calculus of One Variable  2006

Hofer, Helmut; Zehnder, Eduard  Symplectic Invariants and Hamiltonian Dynamics  2011

Hoff, Peter D. A First Course in Bayesian Statistical Methods  2009

Holden, Helge  The Abel Prize  2003-2007 The First Five years 2010

Hollenstein, Tom  State Space Grids : Depicting Dynamics Across Development  2013

Hörmander, Lars The Analysis of Linear Partial Differential Equations III Pseudo-Differential Operators 2007

Hörmander, Lars The Analysis of Linear Partial Differential Equations IV Fourier Integral Operators 2009

Hörmander, Lars  Notions of Convexity 2007

Horn, Roger A.; Johnson, Charles R.  Matrix Analysis 2nd ed., 2012

Horvath, Steve  Weighted Network Analysis: Applications in Genomics and Systems Biology  2011

Huet, S.; Bouvier, A.; Poursat, M., Jolivet, E.  Statistical Tools for Nonlinear Regression A Practical Guide with S-PLUS and R Examples  2004

Hurst, Edward; Gould, Martin  Bridging the Gap to University Mathematics 2009

Husemöller, Dale  Basic Bundle Theory with K-Cohomology Invariants 2008

Husemöller, Dale  Elliptic Curves  GTM 111, 2nd edition, 2002

Istas, Jacques  Mathematical Modeling for the Life Sciences 2005

Jech, Thomas J.  Set Theory 2003

Jenkyns, Tom; Stephenson, Ben  Fundamentals of Discrete Math for Computer Science A Problem-Solving Primer  2013

Jiang, Jiming  Large Sample Techniques for Statistics  2010

Jorgenson, Jay; Lang, Serge  The Heat Kernel and Theta Conversion on SL2(C)  2007

Jost, Jürgen  Compact Riemann Surfaces An Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics  2006

Jost, Jürgen  Dynamical Systems  Examples of Complex Behaviour  2005

Jost, Jürgen  Geometry and Physics  2009

Jost, Jürgen, Partial Differential Equations, GTM 214, 2007

Jost, Jürgen  Postmodern Analysis (3rd edition) 2005

Jost, Jürgen  Riemannian Geometry and Geometric Analysis  (5th edition) Universitext  2008

Jost,  Jürgen Riemannian Geometry and Geometric Analysis (6th edition) Universitext  2011

Joyner, David; Kim, Jon-Lark  Selected Unsolved Problems in Coding Theory  2011

Jukna, Stasys  Extremal Combinatorics  2011

Jungnickel, Dieter  Graphs, Networks and Algorithms 3rd edition, 2008

Kac, Mark; Rota, Gian-Carlo; Schwartz, Jacob T. Discrete Thoughts: Essays on Mathematics, Science and Philosophy 2008

Kassel, Christian; Turaev, Vladimir  Braid Groups 2008

Kaiser, G.  A Friendly Guide to Wavelets  reprint of 1994 edition

Karoubi, Max K-Theory An Introduction 2008

Karpeshina, Yulia E.  Perturbation Theory for Schrodinger Operator with a Periodic Potential LNM 1663  1997

Kato, Goro The Heart of Cohomology 2006

Kechris, A.S.  Topics in Orbit Equivalence LNM 1852  2004

Keener, James; Sneyd, James  Mathematical Physiology I: Cellular Physiology  2009

Keener, James; Sneyd, James  Mathematical Physiology II: Systems Physiology  2009

Keener, Robert W.  Theoretical Statistics Topics for a Core Course  2010

Kemper, Gregor  A Course in Commutative Algebra GTM 256, 2011

Khlopov, Maxim  Fundamentals of Cosmological Particle Physics  2012

King, R. Bruce  Beyond the Quartic Equation 2009

Kirchgässner, G.; Wolters, J.  Introduction to Modern Time Series  2007

Kitchin, C. R.  Telescopes and Techniques  2013

Kjærulff, Uffe B.; Madsen, Anders Bayesian Networks and Influence Diagrams: A Guide to Construction and Analysis  2007

Klein, Felix The Mathematical Theory of the Top.  Lectures Delivered on the Occasion of the Sesquicentennial Celebration of Princeton  1897  [the HathiTrust version, a little more versatile viewing than the Springer presentation in reprint form]

Klein, Felix; Sommerfeld, Arnold  The Theory of the Top. Vol. 1  Introduction to the Kinematics and Kinetics of the Top  1897 [2008 reprint]

Klein, Felix; Sommerfeld, Arnold  The Theory of the Top. Vol. 2 Development of the Theory in the Case of the Heavy Symmetric Top 1897 [2010 reprint]

Kleinbaum, David G.; Klein, Mitchel  Logistic Regression A Self Learning Text 3rd ed.  2010

Klenke, Achim  Probability Theory A Comprehensive Course  2008

Knapp, Anthony Advanced Real Analysis Along with a Companion volume Basic Real Analysis 2005

Knapp, Anthony  Basic Algebra  2006

Komech, Alexander Quantum Mechanics: Genesis and Achievements  2013

Kodaira, Kunihiko Complex Manifolds and Deformation of Complex Structures 2005

Kolaczyk, Eric D.  Statistical Analysis of Network Data: Methods and Models 2009

Konaté, Dialla  Mathematical Modeling, Simulation, Visualization and e-Learning  2008

Koralov, Leonid B.; Sinai, Yakov G.  Theory of Probability and Random Processes  2007

Kostelecky, V. Alan  Proceedings of the Second Meeting on CPT and Lorentz Symmetry  2001

Kostelecky, V. Alan  Proceedings of the Third Meeting on CPT and Lorentz Symmetry  2004

Kostelecky, V. Alan  Proceedings of the Fourth Meeting on CPT and Lorentz Symmetry  2007

Kostelecky, V. Alan  Proceedings of the Fifth Meeting on CPT and Lorentz Symmetry  2011

Krantz, Steven; Parks, Harold Geometric Integration Theory  2008

Krantz, Steven G. The Proof is in the Pudding The Changing Nature of Mathematical Proof  2011

Krause, Andreas; Olson, Melvin  The Basics of S-PLUS  2005

Kunz, Ernst  Introduction to Plane Algebraic Curves  2005

Lagrange, J.L. Mechanique Analytique  4th edition, vols. 1-2, 1888

Lam, T.Y.  Serre's Problem on Projective Modules  2006

Lang, Serge  Introduction to Differential Manifolds 2002

Lang, Serge  Undergraduate Algebra  3rd edition, 2005

Lange, Kenneth  Applied Probability 2010

Langtangen, Hans Petter  Python Scripting for Computational Science 2008

Laue, Max von  Die Relativitätstheorie  1919

Lebedev, Leonid; Vorovich, Iosif I.; Cloud, Michael J.  Functional Analysis in Mechanics  2013

Lee, James  Beginning PERL  2011

Lee, John M.  Introduction to Smooth Manifolds  GTM 218   2013

Lee, John M.  Introduction to Topological Manifolds GTM 202  2011

Lee, John M.  Riemannian Manifolds An Introduction to Curvature  GTM 176  1997

Lee, Kent D.  Python: Programming Fundamentals 2010

Lehmann, E.L.; Romano, Joseph P.  Testing Statistical Hypotheses  3rd edition, 2005

Lefebvre, Mario  Applied Stochastic Processes  2007

Lefebvre, Mario  Basic Probability Theory with Applications  2008

Liang, Liyuan; Rimaldi, Romano Neutron Applications in Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences  2009

Liggett, Thomas M. Interacting Particle Systems 2005

Lipton, Richard J.  The P=NP Question and Gödel’s Lost Letter  2010

Logan, J. David A First Course in Differential Equations , second edition, 2010

Logan, J. David  Introduction to Nonlinear Differential Equations (second edition) 2008

Loomis, Lynn; Sternberg, Shlomo  Advanced Calculus, revised edition, 1990  (based on an honors course in advanced calculus, Harvard, in the 1960s; Jones & Bartlett Publishers, from Open Educational Resources.  Could be used for a year's course in Advanced Calculus, or as a text for a 3-semester Intro to Analysis course.)

Lorenz, Falko Algebra: Fields and Galois Theory  2006

Lorenz, Falko Algebra: Fields with Structure, Algebras and Advanced Topics  2008

Lusztig, George  Introduction to Quantum Groups  2010

Lüth, Hans  Quantum Physics in the Nanoworld  Schroedinger's Cat and the Dwarfs  2013

Lüthi, B.  Physical Acoustics in the Solid State  2005

Lütkepohl, Helmut  New Introduction to Multiple Time Series Analysis  2005

MacCluer, Barbara D.  Elementary Functional Analysis  GTM 253  2009

Malyarenko, Anatoliy  Invariant Random Fields on Spaces with a Group Action  2013

Mandoiu, Ion I.; Zelikovsky, Alexander  Bioinformatics Algorithms: Techniques and Applications  2007

Manin, Yu I.  A Course in Mathematical Logic for Mathematicians GTM 53, 2nd edition 2010

Manin, Yu. I.; Panchishkin, Alexei A. Introduction to Modern Number Theory 2005

Marasinghe, Mervyn G.; Kennedy, William J.  SAS for Data Analysis Intermediate Statistical Methods  2008

Marr, Alison; Willis, W.D.  Magic Graphs  2013

Martínez-Avendaño, Rubén A.; Rosenthal, Peter Introduction to Operators on the Hardy-Hilbert Space GTM 237  2007

Masujima, Michio  Applied Mathematical Methods in Theoretical Physics 2009, 2nd ed. Wiley

Matveev, S  Algorithmic Topology and Classification of 3-Manifolds  2007

May, J. Peter  A Concise Course in Algebraic Topology 1999  (for faculty and advanced graduate students)

Maz'ya, Vladimir  Sobolov Spaces with Applications to Elliptic Partial Differential Equations  2011

Maz'ya, Vladimir, Shaposhnikova, Tatyana  Theory of Sobolev Multipliers with Applications to Differential and Integral Operators 2009

Maulik, U.; Bandyopadhyay, S.; Wang, J.T.L.  Computational Intelligence and Pattern Analysis in Biology Informatics 2010

Meester, Ronald  A Natural Introduction to Probability Theory 2nd edition, 2008

Meister, Alexander  Deconvolution Problems in Nonparametric Statistics LNS 193  2009

Molenberghs, Geert; Verbeke, Geert  Linear Mixed Models for Longitudinal Data  2000

Monastyrsky, Michael Riemann, Topology, and Physics  1999

Moore, John Douglas  Lectures on Seiberg-Witten Invariants  LNM 1629, 2nd edition, 2001

Moorhouse, Michael; Barry, Paul  Bioinformatics Biocomputing and Perl: An Introduction to Bioinformatics Computing Skills and Practice  2005

Muenchen, Robert A.  R for SAS and SPSS Users  2009

Muenchen, Robert A.  R for SAS and SPSS Users  2011  (w/ the 2nd edition, the author increased the number of index entries by a factor of 4; there is a list of 35 specific changes that occurred with the new edition at the beginning of the book).

Muenchen, Robert A.; Hilbe, Joseph  R for Stata Users  2010

Mumford, David  Tata Lectures on Theta I  2007 [reprinted Birkhauser classic]

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This is only a portion of the e-books available. Those above tend to be books whose print counterparts circulated more than the
average library book, or titles by authors generally publishing high demand books. In some cases, titles here reflect current
"hot topics" in mathematics, statistics, and informatics, or are related to new academic research directions of the university.

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