Request Educational Access to Library Subscription Electronic Resources on Another Campus

Educational access is defined as access required to complete course requirements or to support students/users on another campus other than their home campus.


Because licenses for electronic library resources are specific to a particular campus, should you require access to electronic resources to support to support your role as a student, faculty member or staff member teaching or taking classes on a campus other than your home campus, fill out the form below.


Not sure if this form is for you? Have a look at our Educational Access Policy.


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Faculty/Instructors ONLY:  Instructors may request a semester for advance preparation prior to the semester in which the course will be taught. Please indicate the semester and year during which you would like preparation time:
Fall Spring Summer semester    Year:

After your initial request is received, you will be asked to provide written documentation in support of your request. This will usually include:


Students: Printout of class registration documents showing enrollment on multiple campuses or a letter from the instructor on the other campus. An email from the instructor stating his or her name, contact information, and the class in which the student is enrolled will be acceptable.


Faculty: Letter on school/departmental letterhead from the Dean or Department Chair of the unit on the non-resident campus(es) to request access. In some cases, an email will be acceptable.


Users with dual roles: Users who are both students and faculty/staff will need to submit both a printout of class registration and a letter from the Department or School where the teaching or staff appointment is held.


Staff members who support work on multiple campuses: Letter from the Department Head and supporting documentation for work on multiple campuses.