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last updated: 11/9/2012

Class Readings

University licensed works

The Libraries pay for licenses to give you access to hundreds of different research databases giving students and faculty access to thousands of copyrighted works. The guidelines for use of licensed materials contain general advice for use of these databases beyond standard fair uses.  As the vast majority of the library licenses allow for the use of materials for Ereserves, you may link to the library's licensed copy without any other copyright considerations.  There are some exceptions though (most notably, Harvard Business Review) where linking to an article is not allowed.  If you have any questions about a particular resource, please contact Sherri Michaels.

Oncourse, Ereserves, & Classpaks
The university has several services which make using copyrighted material for class readings easier. Oncourse, E-reserves, and Classpaks are the three main services, and each serves different needs.

Oncourse and Ereserves

Ereserves is a service offered by the libraries where you can have us place readings online for those students in your class to access.  Oncourse has very similar functionality, although you upload the readings to your Oncourse site yourself.  Both services require the same copyright considerations in placing readings within each system.  Readings may only be placed in Oncourse or Ereserves where:

1.  The library has paid the licensing fee for your use as part of our subscription fee, or

2.  The reading qualifies as a fair use of the material, or

3.  Permission has been obtained, either with or without a fee

For more information regarding copyright and Ereserves, please see our Ereserves Copyright Policies page.


ClassPaks is a service for instructors offered through Document Service Centers creating packets of materials for classes. ClassPacks licenses all submitted material, which will have a licensing fee.  If you determine that you need to seek permissions to use the materials for your class, you can do it yourself (see Obtaining Permissions) or through the Document Service Centers. 

last updated: 11/9/2012