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last updated: 6/5/2013

Course Reserves


Hard copy reserves & media:  Drop off reserve materials at the Business/SPEA Information Commons service desk. All items must be accompanied by a reserve request form.   Multiple items should be bundled together.


When requesting that library books be put on reserve, please note that only books from the Bloomington campus can be used as reserves. To help simplify the process, we recommend you send your requests to us and allow us to acquire the library materials, rather than checking them out yourself. Requests may be sent to Matt McGee at, or to Also, if you see that an item you would like for your class is already on reserve for another class, please send in the request for your class as well. This allows us to cross reference the item, making it easier for your students to find it and preventing any confusion that may arise should the other instructor decide to remove the material.


Electronic reserves:  Oncourse is now the platform for electronic reserves and the E-Reserves site has been fully phased out. Files stored on E-reserves will remain accessible to faculty throughout the 2013 summer session. Instructions for using Oncourse and answers to frequently asked questions about electronic reserves can be found here. However, library staff will still be available to assist with the transition. You may contact Matt McGee at with any questions or concerns.



Paper and media reserves are in the Business/SPEA Information Commons.


Three reserve items may be checked out at one time.


Reserve items are due in two hours unless otherwise noted on the item. All reserve items must be returned to the reserve desk, and not to any other library location. A fine of $1.20 per hour is assessed at the beginning of each hour an item is overdue.


Some print reserve items can be checked out for overnight use 2 hours prior to the library’s closing time. A reserve item checked out overnight is due back ½ hour after the library opens the following day.

last updated: 6/5/2013