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last updated: 12/2/2009

Paper Conservation

The Paper Conservation Lab is the newest of the three conservation units within the IU Libraries Preservation Department. We chiefly treat unbound, flat paper materials such as broadsides, maps, manuscripts, photographs and ephemera from special and circulating collections at the Bloomington campus.


Our purpose-built lab space allows for such basic treatments as mending, washing and surface cleaning but can accomodate more complex procedures like lining, leaf casting, suction table washing and non-aqueous deacidification.


Preventive care is given through the custom construction of boxes, portfolios, binders and encapsulations.  The lab consults with client libraries on issues concerning storage and exhibition environments.


The unit is staffed by the Paper Conservator and Paper Conservation Technician; both full-time. On occasion, student hourly workers are hired for specific projects.  Staff also present to campus and public groups on various preservation topics. We are available by phone to answer questions from the public concerning conservation issues.

last updated: 12/2/2009