Instructional Services & Resources

Instructional Resources

Course Guides
Course Guides provide instructional materials about the research process and connect students with relevant library resources and services. A librarian will work with you to create a guide that corresponds to your class's learning objectives and assignments.


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Class Handouts & Activities
Class handouts introduce concepts and processes central to scholarly research and information use. Instructional activities facilitate critical use of research tools and information.

Library Workshops
Each semester a range of student and faculty workshops are offered on topics including
core research tools, curricular and assignment design, and digital scholarship and publishing.



Support for Faculty & Instructors

Instructional Consultations
Teaching & Learning librarians are available to consult with departments or individual faculty, instructors, and librarians to discuss the integration of research knowledge and informed literacy into courses and assignments. Instructional consultations may also be referred to a subject librarian, when appropriate. This instructional support service is being offered in order to create a sustainable, meaningful approach to developing information fluency experiences at IUB. Consultations can happen anytime during the year, but are most effective if timed to occur prior to the launch of a course. Consult with a librarian to:

 - Plan a librarian-led instruction session or course-integrated learning activity

 - Develop or revise an assignment

 - Integrate research and information skills into a course or program

 - Plan the development of an online Course Guide

 - Create tools to assess student learning


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Integrated and authentic assessment can be a powerful way to ensure and to deepen student learning. Librarians can work with you to develop activities and tools for meaningful assessment of various aspects of information fluency, including information access and use, writing, course construction, and curricular design.

last updated: 12/2/2013