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Handling Vendor Reports

Reports from vendors (placed in the Vendor Reports box) provide updates on the status of our orders and fall into the following categories (click links for instructions):


Open Orders

Out of Print – Cancelled

Cancelled – must be reordered

Cancelled – must be closed

Vendor requires response


1. Open Orders: These include a number of different responses and are basically anything that does not indicate the order must be closed or modified.  These open orders require having  a comment added (with "Modify Order") using the following format in the FY20XX field:


PER VENDOR EMAIL (date of report) Reason for delay, due date, SAS code  mm/dd/yy

e.g., PER VENDOR EMAIL (1/30/13) OP/NA MA011 1/30/13


Reasons for the delay are usually one of the following:

  • Not yet published (NYP)
  • Out of stock (OS)
  • Out of stock indefinitely (OSI)
  • Out of print – searching (OP)
  • Awaiting supply from publisher (VEN AWAITING SUPPLY)
  • New edition pending (NEW ED PENDING)
  • Claiming (VEN CLAIMING W/PUB)
  • Any other reason the vendor is delaying the supply of a title, but hopes to fill the order in the near future.

Date to Claim and/or claim segments should be modified as follows:


a. If not yet claimed (claim date pending and no claim segment):

     The claim date at the top of the Order tab in “Modify Order” is then changed to:

    • “Today” – if the due date has already passed.
    • One month from due date – if the due date is known.
    • 3 months in the future – if the due date is unknown.

b. If claimed once, make no changes

c. If claimed twice:

    • Delete claim segment
    • Add to “Comment” field: “CLAIMED TWICE, CLAIM SEGMENT DELETED.”

2. Out of Print – Cancelled: These titles are out of print and the vendor has either not been able to locate a second-hand copy or does not wish to use the resources to do so.  These titles are sorted into the “Out of Print” box and when time allows, they are then cancelled using the normal procedure, then returned to collection manager with Out of Print Cancellation note. Discard call number.


In some instances, the vendor will inquire whether or not we wish them to search for a second-hand copy.  The rule is that we reply “yes” to international vendors and “no” to domestic vendors.


3. Cancelled – must be reordered: These status notes are on orders that have been placed in error with the wrong vendor or are vendor cancellations on titles that can easily be reordered with a different vendor.  They would include such comments as:

  • No Us/Canadian Source or Rights
  • Not our publication (NOP)
  • Not available in Brazil (Brazil is just an example…it would state whatever nation the vendor is in.)
  • Order direct from publisher
  • More information required - ordering info incomplete
  • Any order that has been cancelled by the vendor and can easily be reordered

These orders are placed into the “cancelled” box, and then in the “reorder” box when cancelled. (Do not discard call.)  The exception to this is if the order has been cancelled due to an obvious omission in our order (like omitting the correct publisher).  If this is the case, then the order should be amended and resubmitted. 


4. Cancelled -- must be closed: These orders have been closed by the vendor or the library, and they must be updated to reflect the cancellation.  They include:

  • Publication cancelled
  • Publisher out of business
  • Cancelled per automatic cancellation instructions
  • No longer available
  • Out of stock indefinitely – closed

These titles are sorted into the "cancelled” box and are closed when time allows. Collection managers need not be notified.


5. Vendor requires response: These can be in the form of fax, mail or e-mail and often include the following queries from vendors:

  • Already supplied against previous invoice.  Should second copy be sent or order cancelled?
  • Please note the title is only available at a different price than you quoted.  Please confirm or cancel your order at this time.
  • Title already supplied against standing order.  Do you require a second copy?
  • Title not available in English.  Should we send foreign text?
  • Title only available as part of multi-volume set.  Do you wish to order the entire set?
  • Not yet published / Out of stock indefinitely.  Should we continue holding your order?

For these or any questions from vendors, the fund manager is contacted via email and the queries are placed aside until the fund manager replies to your email.  It is often easiest to then fax or email the reply to the vendor.  The only exception to this is when our estimated price was less than 30% under the list price, or the list price is below $150.  In either of those cases, the order is simply confirmed.  Any changes to the orders or cancellation must be made/noted using “Modify Order.” 


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last updated: 2/6/2013