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last updated: 6/1/2009



Q1.    Can I embed images or pdf files in EndNote Web references?
No, unlike the desktop EndNote you cannot embed pdf, Word or image files You can copy text into the notes field, though, or any other field

Q2.    Can I make global changes to references in EndNote Web?
You cannot make global changes to references in EndNote Web

Q3.   Can I edit my output style?
No, there is no edit output style function in EndNote Web

Q4.    Can I create my own filters or styles?
No, you cannot create personal filters or styles.

Q5.    Can I search and discard duplicated?
Yes. Under the Organize tab you will see Find Duplicates. Duplicates will have a check mark by them. Use the Delete function to delete the duplicate references

Q6.    How much room is there in the EndNote Web fields?
All fields have a 64,000 byte size limit

Q7.   How many references can I collect in EndNote Web?
You may have 10,000 references in your EndNote Web “My References”

Q8.    Can I log into my account from anywhere? In order to use EndNote Web away from your institution, you must first register and login from an IP authenticated workstation. This confirms that you are a valid user with your institution and initiates Roaming access for twelve months. After twelve months, you are required to login again from an IP authenticated workstation to re-establish your association with the institution.

Q9.    Does EndNote Web work with Google Scholar?
References will not yet import directly into EndNote Web the way they will import into EndNote (desktop). You can still, however, import the items. Set your Google Scholar preferences to "Show links to import references into" RefMan. When you click on "Import into RefMan" use "open" and save the result as a text file. (If you are gathering a number of records you can add them to the text file, too, rather than save a number of text files). Go to your EndNote Web account and import, using the RefMan(RIS) filter.

last updated: 6/1/2009