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Archive of Exhibitions held in 2006


"Selected New Books in the Fine Arts Library." Curated by Bethany Sewell. Dec. 10--Jan. 17, 2006


"XXth Anniversary, Saturday, January 20, 2006." All of the Books on display were Purchased with Proceeds from Twenty Years of Friends of Art Fine Arts Library Benefit Dinners." Curated by Irvine with labels prepared by Buechley and signage by Tom Rhea, Executive Director, FoA, January 18--February 2.


"Advertising leads Consumers into temptation-- Packaging IS the temptation". Curated by James Reidhaar's students in Graphic Design, February 3-16.


"Things in the Fine Arts Library." Curated by Edwin Cheek and Bethany Sewell, February 17-28. A whimsical exhibition of books and illustrations with the term "things" in the title or on the page ""Artists' Books in the Fine Arts Library." Curated by B.J.Irvine.


"Metalsmithing and jewelry". Student work of Professor Randy Long, SoFA, March 1-19.


"Intaglio Printmaking, S341/S441". Student work of Professor Ed Bernstein. Labels prepared by Mary Buechley, March 24--April 14.


"Book structures by Students {in L514, Preservation of Library and Information Resources, SLIS}. Installed by James Canary, Instructor. May 1-5.


"New Books in the Fine Arts Library". Selected and installed by Bethany Sewell, Edwin Cheek, and Mary Buechley. During the exhibition, 8 books were checked out from the display indicating the importance of displaying new books. May 8-15.


"Book Arts from Herron School of Art and Design, 2005-2006 School Year {I.U.P.U.I.} Curated and installed by Karen Baldner, Instructor. May 15-31.


"Bijoux: Jewelry from the Collection of Esther Collyer". Presented by the Elizabeth Sage Historic Costume Collection. Kate Rowold, Curator: Kelly Richardson, Assistant Curator; and curatorial assistants, June 8--August 21.


"Modern Chinese art". Curated and installed by Irvine with assistance from Duffin, labels prepared  by Buechley, August 28--October 12.


"Food for Thought", BFA student works for class S452, taught by Professor James Reidhaar, Graphic Design, School of FA, October 13--27.


"Prints, patterns and porcelain: a selection of ceramics from the Wylie House collections," curated and installed by Wylie House staff, October 30--November 20.


"Watercolors by SoFA students," [paintings form Professor Tim Kennedy's SoFA undergraduate classes, S301 and S401]. Installed by Kennedy. November 24--December 11.


"Discovering the artist's book, an exhibition of Student Work from CLLC L310 and FINA U401". Installed by the instructor, Yara Cluver, Collins Living-Learning Center, IUB. Reception in FAL, December 12.



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