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last updated: 11/21/2013

Geosciences Library Research Guides

Want to learn more about caves?  Do you need to find information about fossils?  The Geosciences Library is developing a periodic series of Quick Research Guides to popular research topics within the Geologic Sciences.  These guides list reccomended resources held within the Geosciences Library and other IU Libraries on Indiana Caves, Earthquakes, Paleontology, and more.  They also provide guidance on finding additional resources using the World-Wide Web and IUB databases.  Check back here to see our latest guides as they are developed.

Available Quick Research Guides:

     A Quick Guide to Indiana Caves

     Fossils in Indiana: a Resource Guide

     Earthquakes in Indiana

     A Quick Guide to Coral Reefs

     Ohio River Research Guide

      GeoRef & GeoScienceWorld: an Introduction to Two Major Geological Databases

last updated: 11/21/2013