Archive of Exhibitions held in 2000

January 7--January 24, 2000
"Doors in the collection of the Fine Arts Library".


In honor of the FAL's new front entrance, an exhibit of books featuring doors in architecture and photography. Also on display, a doorknob from the original Fine Arts Library doors.

January 28--February 14, 2000
"Artists' books by Indiana University School of Fine Arts, past and present".

Selections from the Fine Arts Library collection of over 400 artists' books,. The exhibit coincides with the annual Fine Arts Library Benefit Dinner sponsored by the Friends of Art, January 19, 2000. The evening  featured a lecture by Amos Paul Kennedy Jr., Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, entitled "Random notes from a bookbuilder". Kennedy's work has earned him international recognition as a builder of books, and his books are in the collections of art libraries and universities across the United States.

February 14--February 27, 2000
'MFA Printmakers".

February 28--March 21, 2000
"The artist's sketchbook".

Sketchbook facsimiles from the collection of the Fine Arts Library with commentary  by the students of E103: Sketchbooks, Diaries and Logs with Associate Professor Georgia Strange.

August 20--October 21, 2000
"The artist as writer: the writer as artist".
Presented by Jeanne Myers and Mary Buechley of the Fine Arts Library.

October 22--November 11, 2000
"The history of book design".

November 19--December 4, 2000
"Photo-based artists' books"

December 20, 2000--January 7, 2001
"Winter and art"
Presented by Mary Buechley

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