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Archive of Exhbitions held in 2005


December 20, 2004--January 15, 2005.
"Winter scenes in art". Curated by Bethany Sewell.

January 17--March 18, 2005.
"Books purchased with proceeds from the Friends of Art Fine Arts Library."

March 24--April 2, 2005.
"APROPOS: Exciting design is so often the design that is exactly appropriate for the content", installed by MFA students with Professor James Reidhaar.

April 4--April 14, 2005.
"Jewelry and Metalsmithing design, spring 2005 undergraduate exhibition". Students of Assistant Professor Nicole Jacquard.

April 15--April 28, 2005.
"Works by printmaking students". Installed  by Professor Bernstein and his students.

April 30--May 7, 2005.
"Artists' books by Templeton Elementary school children". Created by 1st and 2nd graders in Sara Irvine's art class in coordination with Yara Cluver's IU class, Art and Community, CLLC, L210.

May 10--May 27, 2005.
"Artists' books, Herron School of Art". Installed  by Professor Karen Baldner.

June 6--July 31, 2005.
"Animals and art". Curated by Mary Buechley.

August 10--September 24, 2005
"Ruins in art". Curated by SLIS intern Jessica Sowls.

September 24--October 16, 2005.
"New books in the Fine Arts Library". Selected and installed by Bethany Sewell.

October 17--November 28
"Relief printmaking". Selected and installed by SoFA students under the direction of Prof. E. Bernstein. Labels prepared by Buechley.

November 28--December 9, 2005.
"Design century: the course of design over the laste century". MFA Graphic Design student exhibition.

Deceber 10--December 16, 2005.
An exhibition of student work from Yara Cluver's class: "Discovering the artists' book." Curated by Cluver and the Collins Living/Learning Center class.

December 19--January 17, 2006.
"Selected new books in the Fine Arts Library". Curated by Bethany Sewell.

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