Archive of Exhibitions held in 1999


February 26--March 7, 1999
"CD-ROMS in the Fine Arts Library".

March 8--April 30, 1999
"IU Printmaking student work"

May 1--June 9, 1999
"Books by MFA photographers"

June 14--July 11, 1999
"Fine Arts Library periodicals"

July 13--August 25, 1999
"In celebration of the Midwest Weavers Confernence: Books on fiber art"

August 26--September 19, 1999
"Feminist artists: In honor of Judy Chicago, IU Visiting artist, Fall 1999"

September 20--October 11, 1999
"Books from the Graphic Design Press"

October 12--October 21, 1999
"IU Printmaking Student work"

October 22--December 4, 1999
"Polish posters and art books:

Poster art flourished in Poland for over a century. It has been an important medium for visualizing and advertising theatrical performances, film, and cultural events. These posters sample some of the work that was produced in the late Soviet era and the first decade after the fall of commumism. Provocative images and unusual stylization are the norm in Polish poster art. The graphic artist strives to interpret the meaning and convey the sensation of a cultural event, as well as provide a visual "logo" or "hook" for it.

These posers accompany the larger collection currently on view in "Behind the Iron Curtain: Poster Art from Poland and Romania" in the SOFA Gallery, October 22-November 21, 1999. The art books on display here are samples of the high quality of art publications found in Poland and throughout Central Europe.  (Timothy Wiles, Polish Studies Center).

December 5--December 11, 1999
"Paul Kinsman: MFA Graphic Design"



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