Archive of Exhibitions held in 2008


January 7--January 18, 2008
"Ed Bernstein, Venice Summer Program show for 2007".

March 4--March 13,2008
"James Reidhaar, S455/S555 student work".

March 22--April 19, 2008
"Graffiti and street art".

April 21--May 18, 2008
"Thomas Hart Benton".

June 9--July 14, 2008
"New Books in the  Fine Arts Library".

July 15--August 5, 2008
"Periodicals on reserve in the Fine Arts Library".

August 6--September 7, 2008
"Careers in the Arts."

September 8--October 5, 2008.
"Dictionaries A-Z: Selections from the Fine Arts Library Reference Collection".

October 6--November 7, 2008
"Artists books in the Fine Arts Library".

November 8--December 1, 2008
"Ed Bernstein prints".
December 2, 2008--February 20, 2009
"Henri Cartier-Bresson"



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