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Boomington isn't just a great place to visit, it's a wonderful place to live.  Living in a university town has many advantages.  The city is always abuzz with things to do!  From opera to football -- there's something for everyone.  Moving to a new place is never easy.  Luckily there are many resources to help you get settled and looking forward to exploring your new city!


Relocation Resources


  • City of Bloomington Guides, Directories and Resources
  • Community and Family Resources Directory - This guidebook, prepared by the Community and Family Resources Department, has many of the resources you'll need in order to feel settled and at home in Bloomington.  From childcare resources to the phone numbers of city government offices, this guide is handy to have. (Click here for the quick reference guide version of this directory.)
  • Bloomington and Monroe County Child Care & Referral Guide: The City of Bloomington Community and Family Resources Department has prepared this guide.  It includes licensed child care homes and centers, registered ministries, preschool programs, and school age/summer care programs.
  • City of Bloomington web directory- The city of Bloomington website is also handy to have bookmarked.  All city departments can be located from this site, including government, community, business, sustainability, arts and culture, parks and recreation, public safety, and transportation.
  • Newcomer's Guide - This guide, created by the Bloomington/Monroe County Convention & Visitor's bureau, is a nice summary of all of the things a new resident would want and need to know about - from utitlities information to a list of festivals.  This guide also features a few residential areas in which one could live - as well as realtor information.
  • Monroe County Community School Corporation - If you have kids of school age, this website will give you the names, information, and websites for the various schools, both private and public.
  • City of Bloomington transportation - this website provides information on buses, parking, and bike trails in the area.



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last updated: 3/28/2013