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Document Delivery Services Borrowing-- FAQ

Table of Contents:

Registering to use the DDS interlibrary loan system
Main Menu Options
Who May Use This Service?
Time Required to Receive Items
Duration of Loans
Restrictions on Use
Recently Published Books
Other Policy Information


Registering to use the IUB Document Delivery Services interlibrary loan requesting system:

Go to: OR

From the Libraries Home Page choose
        Library Services
        Borrow, Renew & Request
        Request Materials IUB Libraries Do Not Own ( ILL)
        Submit a Request
The Indiana University Document Delivery Services Logon Screen appears (can be Bookmarked/added to Favorites).

First-time users should enter their Network ID and Password to fill out their profile:

First name (required)

Last name (required)

Library ID Number – 14 digits (required) -- this is your library barcode number

E-Mail address: use the < > email

Preferred Article Method: dropdown box has choices of Electronic Delivery or
       Mail to Address. Most will be Electronic Delivery (requestors are notified
       via email when they have an article to view and given a PIN number for access).

Preferred Loan Delivery Method: This is for items that must be returned.

Mailing Address (required)

Secondary Mailing Address (Alternate Mailing Location)

Status: (required) Options are Faculty, Graduate, Undergraduate, Staff

Department: This dropdown box contains the same departments as Worldcat's FirstSearch.

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After the registration information is filled in, requesters will be prompted to logon with their Network ID (username)and password. This will take the requester to the Main Menu.

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Request Article Delivery
Request a copy of an article owned only in print on the Bloomington campus, to be delivered electronically.  An email notification will be sent to you when the document is available. 


InterLibrary Loan Requests
Request an article or book not owned by the IU Library system.


Distance Education Service Requests
For IU Bloomington enrolled students living remotely.





Review Requests

  • view and edit your outstanding requests, including detailed request information and statuses.
  • view items that you have received for web delivery.
  • view items that you have checked out along with due dates and a method to renew your loan.
  • view your completed requests.
  • view items that have been cancelled either by you or the InterLibrary Loan staff. You may resubmit these items with more complete and/or accurate information.

Review Personal Information

modify your personal information, including address, phone number, e-mail address and delivery preferences.


Who May Use This Service?

Document Delivery/Interlibrary loan is a service offered through the Herman B Wells Library Customer and Access Services Department to Indiana University - Bloomington faculty, students, and staff who are engaged in research. The conditions of this service are set by the Interlibrary Loan Code of the American Library Association and by regulations of individual lending libraries.

Time Required

The time to receive an item varies; 70% of articles and 55% of books are received in 7 days or less.  When several libraries must be contacted before an available copy is located, the process may take longer. Requests that must be sent internationally usually take considerably longer than this average.
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Duration of Loans

The loan period for borrowed material is set by the lending library and is indicated on a date due slip in the book. The maximum loan period is given; please use the material within that time period.  In the interest of maintaining good relations with lending libraries, due dates must be honored.  Returnable material will be checked out through the Herman B Wells Library Research Collections Circulation Counter and should be returned there.  Requesters will be billed for non-returned overdue items and library privileges may be suspended until materials are returned.  If a borrower continually disregards due dates, it may be necessary to refuse further service.  
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Restrictions on Use

Indiana University Libraries is bound by any restriction on use imposed by the lending library. Some libraries require that the materials they lend be used in the borrowing library only. Some do not allow photocopying.  Some require the signature of readers of unpublished dissertations. The requester should not let others use the borrowed books unless special arrangements have been made.
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Recently Published Books

It is often difficult to borrow recently published books on interlibrary loan because they are in demand at the libraries owning them. You may wish to suggest the purchase of such materials for the IUL collections.

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Other Policy Information

As a general policy, we will not borrow any book available in a library on the Bloomington campus. Items which cannot be located by those libraries may be requested through Document Delivery Services.

Please submit Document Delivery requests through our web site at If you experience difficulties, please call (812) 855-6549 and ask for assistance.

Photocopied material can be received via our web site.  An e-mail message will be sent to the requestor with instruction as to how to retrieve the document.  Loans will be delivered to Campus Mail addresses or notification for picking up an item will be sent sent to your IU e-mail address.  Overdue and recall notices will also be sent to your e-mail account.

If you have questions:
       Phone: 855-6549
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last updated: 8/29/2012