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last updated: 6/6/2012

Listening to Reserve Recordings Using Variations

Online listening through the Variations system is available on the computers on the first and third floors of the Cook Music Library and on computers in Jacobs School of Music Classrooms.

Jacobs School of Music Faculty may access Variations from offices, studios and off campus locations at anytime. Student access to Variations from computers outside of the Music Library is determined according to the courses in which students are enrolled. If students are enrolled in courses that have Variations recordings or scores on reserve, or if an instructor makes a request of Phil Ponella (Director of the Cook Music Library) for the class to have access, then students will be able to listen to or view items in Variations from computers outside of the Music Library.

If students are not enrolled in any classes for which reserve items exist or for which the instructor has requested Variations access, then for copyright reasons, the student will not be able to listen to recordings or view scores in Variations2 from computers outside of the Music Library.

The Variations software may be downloaded from IUWare online.

Finding Your Course Reserves List on the World Wide Web

The current Semester's course reserves are found

The course reserves for the current semester are arranged in alphanumeric order, by course number. When you find your class, click once on "Reserve Recordings" to get to a list of the recordings on reserve for your class.

Scroll down to find the selection you would like to hear. Click once on "Listen to online copy in Variations2".
This will bring you to an "Access Page" with a complete track listing for the recording.

Click on the track you wish to hear, and the Variations2 application will open. You will be prompted to login. The player will open and the music will begin to play.

For more detailed information please see the Variations2 user guide. To send a comment, report a problem, or ask a question regarding the Variations2 Digital Music Library system, fill out the support request form.

last updated: 6/6/2012