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last updated: 4/21/2010

Glossary of Library-Specific Terms


ALF The Auxiliary Library Facility is an off-site shelving facility. If an item you want is from the ALF, we’ll deliver it to a library of your choosing. Make the request before noon Monday through Saturday, we’ll deliver it the same day. If the request is made after noon or on Sunday, you’ll get your item next day.

Ask Do it.

Branch library A collection of materials housed at a location separate from the Herman B Wells Library.

Book Not quite a relic.

Carrel A place (desk) all your own in the library. For information on applying for a carrel see the "How to apply for a study carrel" tip in chapter five.

Charging a book Charging a book is like checking out a book for in-library use at your carrel. A selected book can be charged by using a blue “charge” slip located on each floor by the computer station near the elevators.

Circulation The place where you check out your books. As a graduate student, you may check out most books for 120 days.

Distance Education Library Services Allows you to use our online resources and services and even have books sent to you while you are away working on your dissertation.

Document Delivery The name of the office that handles our Interlibrary Loan and Request Article Delivery operations.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) You may request to borrow items from other libraries that the IUB Libraries do not own. For more information on submitting an ILL request see the "How to borrow good stuff from libraries anywhere in the world" tip in chapter one.

IUCAT Indiana University’s online library catalog, which includes materials from all eight campuses. You can restrict your search by campus.

IU Secure Allows you to temporarily create or join a private network across an existing public network by creating an encrypted tunnel between two hosts. The tunnel allows you to transfer information securely and to access remote resources. (source: IU Knowledge Base)

Journal Sometimes called periodical, magazine, or serial, a journal presents information issued on a periodic, regular basis. (See periodical.)

Librarian The secret masters of the universe.*

My Account/ Renewal In our online catalog, IUCAT, you can click on “My Account” and extend the due date for your materials.

Periodical (See journal.)

Recall A recall is a request to the library to ask another user who has an item checked out to bring it back to the library by a specified date.

Request Article Delivery If an article is only available in print on the Bloomington campus, you can request that the article be delivered to your desktop.

Request Delivery You can have (most) books delivered from any IU library to the IU library of your choosing. For example, you can have a book delivered from the Life Sciences Library or IU Kokomo delivered to the Wells Library.

Serial (See periodical.)

Stacks This refers to the area in the library where the books are kept. In the East Tower of the Wells Library, the stacks are located on the second floor as well as floors four through eleven.

UITS University Information Technology Services

WorldCat An online resource that is accessible to IU students, faculty, and staff through the IUB Libraries Web site. WorldCat allows you to search for an item in the holdings of many libraries at once and then locate it in a nearby library. Coming in early 2009: a local version that will, among other things, allow searches for works in differing languages.

*Posner, B. (2002). Know-it-all librarians. The Reference Librarian, 78, 111-129.

last updated: 4/21/2010