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last updated: 4/21/2010

Foreword- Graduate Student Guide

  Updated for graduate students


Okay, it's time to get serious and cast off your bad undergraduate habits.

You’ve narrowed your focus and can finally concentrate on what you really enjoy. Now you have a true sense of direction—or you like to think you do.

Graduate school is a new game. You’ll have more projects due than you thought possible. You may be teaching for the first time. You’re probably new to IU and nothing looks familiar.

What separates you from know-it-all undergrads is your increasing awareness of how much you don’t know. The number one thing to remember when at IU: If you don’t know, ask.

The second thing to remember: If you don't know, ask a ibrarian. Anything. Because whatever your academic department, the IU Libraries are here to help you succeed. We can save you money, time, and effort.

What's not to love?

Super tip: Look for helpful information under the Graduate Student tab, located on every page of the IUB Libraries Web site. It assembles resources and services for graduate students.


Chapter 1 - Dealing with Print

Chapter 2 -
Hardware, Software, and E-Nightmares

Chapter 3 - Hunkering Down and Digging In

Chapter 4 - Libraries and Teaching

Chapter 5 - Quick Fixes and Creature Comforts

Glossary of Library-Specific Terms







last updated: 4/21/2010