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last updated: 9/18/2008


Table of Contents of Selected Journals -- Japanese Journals

Jinko mondai kenkyu

1988 No.187 No.188    
1989 No.189 No.190 No.191 No.192
1990 No.193 No.194 No.195 No.196
1991 No.197 No.198 No.199 No.200
1992 No.201 No.202 No.203 No.204
1993 No.205 No.206 No.207 No.208
1994 No.209 No.210 No.211 No.212
1995 No.213 No.214 No.215 No.216
1996 No.217 No.218 No.219 No.220
1997 No.221 No.222 No.223 No.224
1998 No.225 No.226 No.227 No.228
1999 No.229 No.230 No.231  

last updated: 9/18/2008