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last updated: 4/21/2010

Chapter 5- Graduate Student Guide

Stairwells and restrooms in the Wells Library are not soundproof. If you go there for privacy to talk on your cell phone, bad move. People studying quietly on nearby floors will probably hear your every word.

Cell phone use is permitted in the lobby and the cafeteria.



Store items in lockers located on the east side of the lobby in the Wells Library. Buy tokens (50 cents each) at the circulation desk. The lockers are cleaned out every morning to ensure nothing rots overnight. Two sizes: tall and small. Tall lockers are large enough to accommodate bulky winter coats. Small lockers will easily house a generous stack of books and lunch.

What to do if you need to return a book and can’t find a parking spot

We know. We know. This is one of your greatest concerns at IU. But don’t stress out too much. You do have options.


1)      Regardless of where you check them out, you can return books at one of three drive-up book drops located on the south side of the Wells Library. One is located at the end of the sidewalk leading to the library, and two are just north of the Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center and Theatre and Drama Center in a turnaround located on Seventh Street. If it’s summertime, the book drops may be hidden by ornamental grasses.


2)      Return books at any of the branch libraries. Take books inside to a circulation desk or designated book drop within the building.


3)      Why schlep a book back to the library for renewal when you can do it online within IUCAT? (Be sure to click on My Account.)





How to get around campus without a car

Save on gas, take a busor ride a bike. Heck, you can reasonably walk to many locations on campus. Here's the skinny on making alternative modes of transportation as hassle free as possible. 


1)      Both the IU Campus Bus and the Bloomington Transit bus systems are free for IU students. You must show a valid IU student ID for BT buses. For a complete listing of bus routes and schedules visit or


2)      No time to exercise? Ride your bike to campus. Bike racks are located near the main entrance on the south side of the Wells Library. Covered bike racks are located near the main entrance on the north side of the building, just outside the Reference Reading Room. Also, be sure to get your bike registered with IU’s Office of Parking Operations.


3)      Get acquainted with the lay of the land by exploring on foot. The IUB campus provides a beautiful backdrop for a stroll anytime of the year. Not sure where you’re going? Campus maps are located in the Wells Library near the entrances of both the East and West Towers.


According to the League of American Bicyclists, a 130-pound cyclist burns 402 calories when pedaling 14 miles in an hour. A 180-pound cyclist burns 540 calories while pedaling 14 miles in an hour. Ride on. Source:


Fall off your bike on the way to campus and bust your arm? Bummer. Stop in for a consultation at the Adaptive Technology Center, located just inside the gates of the West Tower in the Wells Library. The Adaptive Technology Center (ATC) serves any individual with vision, hearing, mobility, or learning disabilities. These may be long-term, like a vision impairment, or short-term, like a broken arm.



How to apply for a study carrel


A study carrel provides a quiet, physical space in which you can study, store library books, and even have library books delivered. Carrels are assigned to students for the academic year and re-assigned for the summer session.


1)      Carrels aren’t pretty, but having a reliable work space can help you maintain a regular study schedule.


2)      Go to to fill out a form. Click on the Graduate Students tab, followed by the Graduate Carrels link. Indicate if you are a new or renewing carrel applicant. If you’re new, you may choose up to three floor preferences. Carrels are located in the East Tower on the second floor as well as floors four through eleven.


3)      Act now. Carrels are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


4)      If you have a carrel and want to charge books there and not to your personal account, leave the book at your carrel and flag it for check-out. Flags are located on each floor and at the circulation desk.

The Music Library and the Fine Arts Library also have graduate carrels, limited to students of those schools. Fill out a form located at



How to survive without natural light

It’s no secret that the massive limestone structure that is the Wells Library is a few windows short of an atrium. Though some students actually prefer a distraction-free zone, you’ll have to get a little creative to claim a study spot with a window all your own. 


1)      If quiet and natural light are a must, try the Reference Reading Room located on the first floor of the East Tower. This room is a favorite study spot for many graduate students.


2)      Check out the Government Information, Microforms & Statistical Services (ET2) Department. A number of study carrels are located near the windows on the north side of the room.




3)      For a livelier environment with a killer view overlooking the arboretum, go to the Information Commons 2 (IC2), on the second floor of the West Tower. It features comfortable seating, computer workstations, and electrical power for more than 100 laptop users.

4)      Remember branch libraries: Geosciences, for example, has nice windows and good study space. The Fine Arts Library is soaked in light. You don’t have to be students of those areas to use the space.


How to relax 

As a graduate student you’re expected to do a million things at once. Trying to balance these tasks can be stressful, and sometimes you just need to take a break. Find ways to unwind at Media & Reserve Services, located on the ground floor of the Wells Library opposite the cafeteria.


1)      Check out the selection of DVDs and videos in the media browsing collection where you’ll find everything from feature films and documentaries to foreign films and television series. Use IUCAT to search for a specific title.

2)     The collection also has a selection of video games that are compatible with a variety of different game consoles including Nintendo Wii, XBOX 360, Play Station 2, Play Station 3, XBOX, GameCube, and PC games.


3)     Want to hear a good story, but too tired to pick up a book? Take a look at the titles in the audiobook section, and let someone else read the book to you.


4)     Best advice to really relax: Are you crazy? Stay away from the library!



Spouses can request a borrower’s card. And if you have kids, the Education Library has a collection of award-winning children’s books.




last updated: 4/21/2010