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last updated: 12/22/2008

Table of Contents - Selected Korean Journals

Here selected are journals on Korean literature and popular culture. Tables of contents, IU holdings, and call numbers are provided to facilitate interlibrary loan borrowing and on-site use.

Ch'angjak kwa pip'yong

Chʻangjak kwa pipʻyŏng = Chʻangpi = 創作과批評
Sŏul: Ch'angjak kwa Pip'yongsa, 1966-
Frequency: Quarterly
IU holdings: 1966-present
Call number: O.K. PL950.2 .C47

Choson munhak

Chosŏn munhak
[P‘yŏngyang] Munye Ch‘ulp‘ansa, 1900s-
Frequency: Monthly
IU holdings: 1968-69, 1992-present
Call number: O.K. PL997 .A2 C47

Choson omun

Chosŏn ŏmun 
[P‘yŏngyang] : Kwahak Paekkwa Sajŏn Chonghap Ch‘ulp‘ansa, 1956-
Frequency: Quarterly
IU holdings: 1992-2004, 2006-present
Call number: O.K. PL901 .C47

Munhak kwa sahoe

Munhak kwa sahoe
Sŏul : Munhak kwa Chisŏngsa, 1988-
Frequency: Quarterly
IU holdings: 1993-present
Call number: O.K. PL951 .M86

Han'guk Sahoehak

Hanʼguk sahoehak = 韓國社會學
Seoul, Korea: Han’guk Sahoe Hakhoe, 1964-
Frequency: Bimonthly
IU holdings: 1997-present
Call number: O.K. HM7 .H34


Ŏmunhak = Korean language and literature
Taegu, Korea: Hanʼguk Ŏmun Hakhoe, 1900s-?
Frequency: Annual

IU holdings: 1961, 1968-78, 1980-present
Call number: O.K. PL901 .O5

Sahoe pip'yong

Sahoe pipʻyŏng
Sŏul Tʻŭkpyŏlsi : Nanam Chʻulpʻansa, 1988-
Frequency: Semiannual
IU holdings: 1993-present
Call number: O.K. HN730.5 .A8 S254

Sinmun kwa pangsong

Sinmun kwa pangsong = 新聞과放送
Sŏul: Hanʼguk Sinmun Yŏnʼguso, 1976-
Frequency: Monthly
IU holdings: 1991, 1993-present
Call number: O.K. P87 .S56

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last updated: 12/22/2008