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last updated: 12/8/2008

Table of Contents- Selected Japanese Journals


Japanese Literature and Language:

Here are selected journals on Japanese literature and language. Tables of contents, IU holdings and call numbers are provided to facilitate interlibrary loan borrowing and on-site use.

Edo bungaku

Edo bungaku = The Edo bungaku = Kikan Edo bungaku
Tokyo-to: Perikansha, 1989-1990; 1990- 
Frequency : Semiannual
IU holdings: 1989 (no. 1)-present
Call number: O.J. PL726.35 .K5


Indogaku Bukkyogaku kenkyu

Indogaku-bukkyogaku-kenkyu = Journal of Indiana and Buddhist studies
Tokyo-to: Nihon Indogaku Bukkyo Gakkai, 1952-
Frenquency: Semiannual 
IU holdings: 1952 (no.1)-present
Call number: O.J. BQ256 .I42


Jinko mondai kenkyu

Jinko mondai kenkyu = Journal of population problems
Tokyo: Institute of Population Problems, Ministry of Health and Welfare, 1940-
Frequency: Quarterly
IU holdings: 1988-present
Call number: O.J. HB2741 .A3 J56


Kinsei bungei

Kinsei bungei
Tokyo-to: Nihon Kinsei Bungakkai, 1954- 
IU holdings: 1982-present
Frequency: Semiannual
Call number: O.J. PL700 .K56


Nihon no kyoiku shigaku : Kyoikushi gakkai kiyo

Nihon no kyoiku shigaku: Kyoikushi gakkai kiyo = Research bulletin of Japan Society for the Historical Studies of Education 
Tokyo: Kodansha, 1958-
Frequency: Annual
IU holdings: 1996 (v.39)-present
Call number: O.J. LA11 .N48


Nihon kyoikushi kenkyu

Nihon kyoikushi kenkyu = Journal of Japanese history of education
Tokyo: Nihon Kyoikushi Kenkyukai, 1982-
Frequency: Annual
IU holdings: 1995 (no.14)-present
Call number: O.J. LA1310 .N5


Mori Ogai kenkyu

Mori Ogai Kenkyu
Osaka: Izumi Shoin, 1987-
Frequency: Annual
IU holdings: 1987-present
Call number: O.J. PL811 .O7 M67



Tokyo: Bungei Shunjusha, 1947-
Freqeuncy: Monthly
IU holdings: 1963-present
Call number: O.J. PL701 .B94


Toho shukyo

Toho shukyo = Journal of Eastern religions 
Kyoto-shi: Nippon Dokyo Gakkai, 1951-
Freqency: Semiannual
IU holdings: 1951-1956,1958,1962,1964-1965,1967-1968,1970,1975-1976,1979-1980,1983-present
Call number: O.J. BL1899 .T64


last updated: 12/8/2008