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last updated: 12/19/2012

Reserves Circulation (Media & Reserve Services)

Checking out and Returning Reserve Materials

How many items on reserve can I check out? How long can I have them? Can I call and renew them over the phone? How much are the fines if I return something late?

  • Three reserve items (book, media item, personal copy) per person may be checked out at a time.
  • All book loans are  4 hours unless otherwise specified on the book band.
  • Most print reserve items may be checked out for overnight use 4 hours prior to library closing time. A reserve item checked out overnight is due back 1 1/2 hours after the library opens the next day. This does NOT include closed reserve items.
  • No reserve audio or video materials may be taken from Media & Reserve Services (M&RS).
  • All reserve items must be renewed in person.  They may not be renewed by telephone, email or the library web site.
  • All reserve items must be returned to M&RS Desk. Do not return reserve items to another library, another circulation desk in the Herman B Wells Library, or in a bookdrop. You are responsible for the item until it has been discharged in M&RS.
  • Reserve fines:
    • $1.20 per hour, at the beginning of the hour, calculated only during the hours the Herman B Wells Library is open.

Placing Materials on Reserve

Who can put materials on Reserve? How do I place materials on Reserve? Where should I start?

last updated: 12/19/2012