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last updated: 9/12/2013

Springer ebooks

The IU Libraries recently signed an agreement with Springer for access to their e-books.  This is a CIC-wide license agreement under which the IU Bloomington Libraries have purchased perpetual access to almost all books published since 2005 under the following Springer imprints:

Copernicus Books
Plenum US

Note: Humana Press "protocol" titles such as Methods in Molecular Biolgy are NOT included in this agreement.

At the end of the first 3-year agreement, it is estimated that we will have purchased 14,000 books.  Faculty, students and staff can read these books on the SpringerLink platform.

Note: The chapters are PDF files with the SpringerLink platform, which makes them much easier to print or save.

Records for these books are in IUCAT with the exception of the most current titles that might not yet have been loaded. You can see the list of the titles loaded so far by searching "SpringerLink" as a keyword in IUCAT.  The best way to determine what we have is to search SpringerLink and then to limit the results to books or book chapters.  It seems that searching by series is not as successful as searching by the individual title in a series.  Searching of SpringerLink allows one to also search all of the words in a book and not just the "bibliographic" words as in an IUCAT search.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact the Life Sciences Library.

last updated: 9/12/2013