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IUL Disaster Response Plan

The Indiana University Libraries Disaster Response Plan has been compiled with several audiences and purposes in mind. In order to accommodate the needs of the myriad of individuals, libraries and scenarios in which it might be used it has been divided into multiple sections.


Section I is intended for the broadest number of general uses including the heads of circulation and stack maintenance at the various I.U. libraries, the collections librarians, and others who have an interest or direct involvement in the care of the collections of the general collections of the Indiana University Libraries.


Section II is written primarily for the staff of the E. Lingle Craig Preservation Lab. It provides a detailed description of the steps that will be taken by the staff of the Craig Preservation Lab in case of an emergency that involves the collections of the libraries. This section may also be of use to the members of the Libraries Emergency Response Team and to anyone else who has an interest in or direct responsibility for responding to an emergency in the libraries.


Section III is a list of suppliers, vendors and off-site resources for emergency materials and services. The initial focus of this section is on provides located in or near central Indiana but also includes sources of potential assistance from locations such as Chicago, Louisville, Cincinnati and Detroit. There is also a larger section of vendors and suppliers that could be useful but who are located at a greater distance and presumably could not respond to an emergency in as timely a fashion as a more local provider might.


Section IV contains several articles and excerpts of articles discussing the treatment of library materials during emergencies.


Table of Contents 

Section I: Library Disaster Response Plan for non-preservation library staff

     a. University Physical Facilities 24-hour emergency contact

     b. Craig Lab telephone number

     c. Chart: Categories of Emergencies

     d. Categories of Materials


Section II: Information for Preservation Lab Staff and First Responders

      a. Disaster Response Team Members and contact information

            i. Duties of the Disaster Response Team Members

            ii. Response Director

            iii. Recovery Specialist

            iv. Photographer

            v. Campus and Media Liaison

            vi. Logistics Coordinator

            vii. Administrative Services Coordinator

            viii. Pack-out and Relocation Supervisors

            ix. Collection Representative(s)

      b. Responding to an Emergency & Preparing for Recovery

      c. Pack-out and Damaged Material

      d. Sorting and Packing

      e. Chart: Salvage at a glance


Section III: Emergency Supplies, Vendors, and Contacts


Section IV: Supplemental Reading

      a. Procedures for salvage of water-damaged library materials

      b. Fact Sheet: Mold

      c. Salvage operations for water damaged archival collections


Appendix A: Emergency Action Plan for Wells Library

last updated: 10/3/2012