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last updated: 2/5/2013

Disaster Response Contact Procedures

The following information is provided as a reminder about disaster response on the IU campus and the specific concerns of the Libraries. Included are essential steps to follow in an emergency situation that endangers the collections. Many units have developed their own, more specific instructions. This is intended as a reminder and summary of primary contacts and is not a replacement to your training and preparedness activities. If you have any questions or concerns about collections disaster response, please do not hesitate to contact Gordon Lynn Hufford, 855-8155 or 856-0991 or your supervisor.



The first priority in any major disaster is to make sure that people are evacuated to a safe location and that medical, police, and fire services are contacted as needed - call 911.


The IU Emergency Procedures Handbook is available on-line at:


For emergencies that jeopardize the library collections, please notify each of the following offices or individuals:

1. Call the Physical Plant 24 hour emergency number: 855-8728. BE VERY SPECIFIC about the nature of the problem. For instance, say there is "water running on the floor" or "pouring from the ceiling" rather than "there is a leak." Tell them the exact nature of the problem and that library materials are being damaged.

2. Notify the Preservation Lab by telephoning 856-0991during normal working hours. After hours and on weekends the University Physical Plant Emergency contact will be responsible for contacting appropriate library staff to respond to the emergency.

last updated: 2/5/2013