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last updated: 11/10/2011

E-reserves Copyright Policies

The Indiana University Libraries maintain course reserve collections, in both print and electronic formats, to support the instructional requirements of specific courses. In each library, the collection is made up of both copyrighted materials and non-copyrighted items.

The following policies apply to materials that are scanned or downloaded to the libraries' electronic reserve service. These policies do not apply to materials that are openly posted on the World Wide Web for which direct links are included in the electronic reserve service; to links to electronic resources licensed to the IUB libraries; to materials for which no copyright protection is claimed; or to copyrighted materials that have passed into the public domain.

  1. The libraries will consider the statutory fair use factors in determining whether or not the inclusion of materials in the electronic reserve service is fair use. Permission from the copyright holder will be required for inclusions that exceed what is determined by the libraries to be fair use.
  2. All use of materials placed on electronic reserves will be at the initiative of instructors solely for non-commericial, educational use by students.
  3. There will be no charge for access to the electronic reserve service; the charge for copies made by students will be limited to the nominal cost of photocopies or laser prints.
  4. Notice will appear in  the electronic reserve service and on items included in the service to indicate that the copying of materials may be subject to copyright law. 
  5. Access to reserve materials will be limited to students registered in the course for which the materials have been placed on reserve, to instructors, and to staff responsible for the electronic reserve service.
  6. The IUB Libraries will continually monitor legal developments which may affect the fair use analysis of electronic reserve services to ensure that library services are in compliance with the letter and spirit of the United States copyright law.


Responsibilities for the use of copyrighted materials on Ereserves

Instructor Responsibilities

  • All materials submitted by instructors must support course-related teaching, scholarship, or research.
  • Instructors submitting materials are responsible for evaluating, on a case-by-case basis, whether the use of a copyrighted work requires  permission or qualifies as a fair use.
  • When permissions are needed, the instructor will obtain permission.
  • Whenever copying original materials is involved, whether the copies are made by instructors or by the libraries, only the amount needed to accomplish the specific educational purpose should be copied.
  • In consultation with library staff, instructors will determine any limits on the amount of material to be used.


User Responsibilities

  • All materials placed on course reserves are to be used solely for non-commercial educational puposes in connection with designated courses.
  • Copyrighted materials made available through course reserves are to be used for teaching, scholarly, or research purposes, and should not be reporoduced for further distribution.

Library Responsibilities

  • The library will provide information resources and consultation to instructors to assist them in evaluating the qualifications of a specific use as a fair use.
  • Access to materials on course reserves will be password protected and limited to students currently enrolled and their instructors.
  • The Ereserves system will display a notice stating that each item may be protected by copyright.
  • Materials will be removed from course reserves when they are no longer required to support designated courses.

last updated: 11/10/2011