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Collection Development Policies - IU Publications

Indiana University Publications

  1. Introduction
    1. Purpose
      The purpose of this collection development policy is to outline the scope of the Indiana University publications collection housed in the general collections.It provides guidelines for the selection, retention, and preservation of publications issued by and about Indiana University, assigns responsibility for the development of the collection, and informs library users about the principles upon which the selection and retention of materials is made.

    2. Audience
      The audience for this collection development policy is the Indiana University Bloomington library faculty and staff and the students and faculty of Indiana University.

    3. Overview of the Collection
      1. History of the Collection
        The IU publications reference collection began in the 1980s as a small uncataloged collection in the Undergraduate Library in order to assure ready access to popular IU resources.During the 1990s the collection was transferred to the Reference Services Department in the Wells Library Research Collections.

      2. Collection Strengths and Weaknesses
        The Office of University Archives and Records Management collects comprehensively in this area.However, the Libraries' holdings of Indiana University publications vary in strength and completeness.Copies of the publications of the Indiana University Press are retained in both the Wells and Lilly Libraries.Major serial publications of the University (e.g., yearbooks, bulletins, student newspapers) are relatively complete, as are the major monographs on the history of the University.

        Serial publications issued by various academic and administrative units, by contrast, are scattered, and have been collected rather irregularly.The aim of this policy is to offer guidance on the selection of these types of publication.

      3. Collection Locations
        The Libraries' IU publications collections are housed in two primary locations: the Wells Library Research Collections Reference Collection and the Wells Library Research Collections stacks.The first is a non-circulating collection of major IU publications; second copies of these major publications are added to the general collections.At least one copy of all IU publications that fall within the scope of this policy is added to the general collections.Additional copies of IU publications may be added to the holdings of the branch libraries in response to local user need and demand.
      Copies of most IU publications are also held by the University Archives
  2. Scope of Coverage
    The focus of the Indiana University publications collection is on the Bloomington campus, though major publications from the other IU campuses are also selected and retained.

    The Libraries' collections of Indiana University publications are meant to complement, not supplant, the IU publications and records held by the Indiana University Office of University Archives and Records Management.The goal of the University Archives is to collect comprehensively and broadly on every aspect of University history, the University community, and faculty and student life.See the University Archives' Collection Policy at for a complete description of the Archives' collections.

  3. Publications Included
    The IU-related collections housed in the Wells Library and various branch libraries are meant to be representative rather than comprehensive.Their primary function is to serve the routine reference and information needs of library users.Publications collected include major University-wide serial publications, including bulletins and catalogs of courses, journals, yearbooks, the student newspaper, phone books and directories, etc.

    Monographic publications and major reports by or about the University are collected comprehensively.These include histories, biographies, accreditation reports, task force reports, maps, etc.Multiple copies of major monographs should be selected and retained for the collections.At least one copy of all tangible IU dissertations and theses is retained for archival purposes; a second copy is available for circulation and interlibrary loan.Electronic copies of IU dissertations produced since 1997 are available from ProQuest Dissertations and Theses at:

    Publications issued by University academic and administrative units are collected in a more selective manner.Annual reports, working papers, newsletters, monographs, and major reports of faculty, administrative, and student committees may be selected for the Libraries' collections.

    At least one copy of any non-serial publication by Indiana University faculty should be added to the collection.These include monographs, visual media, scores, sound recordings, etc.In general, offprints of journal articles and book chapters are added only as part of the larger unit (e.g., journal, essay collection) within which these are published.Faculty publications of any type may be deposited in the University's institutional repository, IU ScholarWorks (

  4. Publications Excluded
    The Libraries do not collect the following types of IU-related records that are collected comprehensively by the University Archives:
    • Administrative and departmental records
    • Financial records
    • Office or administrative files
    • Biographical information (except when contained in substantial monographic publications)
    • Architectural drawings
    • Digital files or electronic records
    • Photographic material
    • Faculty and alumni papers
  5. Collecting Responsibility
    The primary responsibility for identifying, selecting, and preserving IU publications for the Libraries' general collections lies with the collection manager for IU publications.All other collection managers make recommendations for retention to this collection manager, and also select materials for appropriate branch libraries.The University Archivist is the final arbiter for the selection and retention of materials in the University Archives.

  6. Related Collections
    Other collections related to the IU publication collections include the primary collection in the University Archives, the Lilly Library, IU ScholarWorks, the maps in the Geography and Map Library, and the general and special collections of the libraries of the seven other campuses of Indiana University.

  7. Preservation
    The University Archives has the principal responsibility for preserving the records and publications of Indiana University.However, IU publications located in the general collections will receive routine preservation and conservation treatments, including binding, microfilming, digitizing, etc. in order to ensure wide access to these materials.

    IU publications may also be transferred to the Auxiliary Library Facility for preservation purposes.

    The born-digital publications (e.g., web sites, calendars, news releases) of Indiana University are currently preserved through RLG's Archive-It program by the University Archives.See and dissertations and theses will, with the permission of the authors, be stored in IU ScholarWorks.

    October 7, 2007

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