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last updated: 9/12/2012

Gaming Collections: Courses Related to Gaming

These are some examples of the classes that have been taught on the IUB campus that use Gaming and/or simulations as part of instruction and learning. If you know of others contact us at, or call (812) 855-1650.


 Courses  Course Number  Department
 Digital Design  B441  Computer Science
 Interactive Graphics  B481  Computer Science
 New Media  C337  CMCL
 Multimedia Arts and Technology  I310  Informatics
 Media Life  T101  Telecommunications
 Videogames: Historical & Social Impact  T160  Telecommunications
 Race, Ethnicity & the Media  T191  Telecommunications
 Intro to Design and Production  T206  Telecommunications
 Video Game Industry  T260  Telecommunications
 Intro to Interactive Media Design  T284  Telecommunications
 Audio Production  T353  Telecommunications
 Program Graphics & Animation  T354  Telecommunications
 Flash for Games & Interactive Media  T361  Telecommunications
 Intro to 3D Digital Modeling & Animation  T364  Telecommunications
 Multiplayer Game Design  T366  Telecommunications
 Theory & Practice of Game Design  T367  Telecommunications
 Global Media Issues  T413  Telecommunications
 Topical Seminar in Design & Production  T452  Telecommunications
 Projects in Game Design  T460  Telecommunications
 Advanced Flash for Games & Interactive Media  T461  Telecommunications
 Advanced 3D Digital Modeling & Animation  T464  Telecommunications
 Spec Proj in TEL: Sounds, Images & Interactivity  T540  Telecommunications
 Art, Entertainment, and Information  T570  Telecommunications
 Applied Cognitive and Emotional Psychology  T571  Telecommunications
 Directed Group Neew Media Project  T575  Telecommunications
 New Media Design: Reality TV Prod  T576  Telecommunications
 Interactive Storytelling and Computer Games  T580  Telecommunications
 Teaching Electronic Media Production  T583  Telecommunications
 Interactivity and New Media  T585  Telecommunications
 Seminar in Immersive Mediated Environments  T605  Telecommunications

last updated: 9/12/2012