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Willi Apel

Willi Apel

Tenure at the School of Music: 1950-1964

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Born in Konitz, West Prussia (now Chojnice, Poland) in October 1893, Willi Apel became a leading American musicologist. He began his career with the study of mathematics at the Universities of Bonn and Munich (1912-1914) and the University of Berlin (1918-1922). During his mathematical studies, Apel continued to pursue his interest in music, studying piano and giving lessons. He became involved in musicology during his time at the Freie Schulgemeinde at Wickersdorf (1922-1928), receiving his doctorate in 1936 with a dissertation on 15th and 16th century tonality. That same year Apel immigrated to the US and began lecturing at Harvard University in 1938. In 1950 Apel became a professor of musicology at Indiana University. Among his numerous publications from this time are Harvard Dictionary of Music (1969), The Notation of Polyphonic Music: 900–1600 (1970), and Corpus of Early Keyboard Music (1963-1975). In 1963 Apel was named professor emeritus yet continued teaching until 1970. In 1972 he was awarded an honorary doctorate by Indiana University. Apel died in Bloomington, Indiana, March 1988.

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