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Harold Abeles

Harold Abeles

Tenure at the School of Music: 1975-1982

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Harold Abeles received his bachelor (1966) and master (1968) degrees in music education from the University of Connecticut. In 1971 he earned a doctoral degree in education from the University of Maryland. Abeles spent a brief time as assistant professor of education at Oklahoma State University before arriving at the University of North Carolina School of Music in 1972, where he served on the faculty as assistant professor of music education. In 1975 Abeles was appointed associate professor of music education at Indiana University. During his time at Indiana University, Abeles made numerous contributions to music education literature and earned a multitude of research grants. Abeles was the acting director of graduate studies in music education (1976-1978) and served as coordinator of the Music Education Resource Library (1976-1979). Abeles was also the founding editor of The Music Researchers Exchange (1974-2001), an international newsletter focusing on research in music education, acoustics, and the psychology of music. In 1982, Abeles moved to New York where he is currently a professor of music and music education and co-director of the Center for Arts Education Research at Teachers College, Columbia University.

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