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last updated: 10/31/2013

Non-Paid Internship

Guidelines for ILS Students Seeking an Internship Position

Media and Reserve Services, Herman B Wells Library


ILS interns will complete a project that requires 5-10 hours a week.

Examples of appropriate projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Develop a collection assessment and evaluation plan for Media collections
  • Participate in DVD replacement projects
  • Design and prepare a media literacy workshop for the IUB campus community
  • Design a promotional project to be displayed in the Wells Lobby
  • Create LibGuides for research on a film genre, topic, or director
  • Develop a pathfinder to Libraries and Internet media resources
  • Develop outreach initiative to promote awareness of Media collections
  • Develop an interactive multi-model online training program for M&RS student hourly.

ILS students should contact Monique Threatt, Head, Media & Reserve Services at, or Nicholae Cline, Media Services Coordinator, at for more information. (812) 855-1650.


To learn more about Media & Reserve Services, visit our web page at:


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last updated: 10/31/2013