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last updated: 10/14/2013

Beethoven Project - Symphony No.5

University Orchestra

Cliff Colnot, conductor

Jorja Fleezanis, project leader

Schedule (click for PDF with longer descriptions)

Mon Oct 14, 4-6pm, MAC 036 
Dr. Tina Muxfeldt (Musicology faculty, JSOM): Beethoven's Vienna and the birth of the symphony


Tue Oct 15, 4-6pm, MAC 036
Tutti rehearsal, Mvts 1 and 2


Thu Oct 17, 4-6pm, MAC 036

Tutti rehearsal, complete symphony


Mon Oct 21, 4-6pm, MAC 036 
Dr. Richard Kramer (Musicology faculty, CUNY Graduate Center): Autograph manuscript of the symphony

(please see below for pages to view in preparation and a short assignment to complete in advance of Monday)


Tue Oct 22, 4-6pm, room TBD
Tutti rehearsal


Thu Oct 24, 4-6pm, room TBD
Tutti rehearsal (Mvts 3 and 4)


Sun Oct 27, 6:30-9:00pm, Sweeney Hall
Viewing of the 1936 Abel Gance movie, "Un grand amours de Beethoven"


Mon Oct 28, 4-6pm, MAC stage
Tutti rehearsal (Mvts 3 and 4)


Tue Oct 29, 4-6pm, MAC stage
Tutti dress rehearsal (Mvts 3 and 4)


Wed Oct 30, 8pm, MAC
Wrap-up event with performance of Mvts 3 and 4 and showing of video

In preparation for Dr. Kramer's presentation on Monday, Oct 21, please view the following pages from Beethoven's manuscript, giving special attention to the issues listed.


We have a print copy of the autograph manuscript in the PED office (Music Library M165D) if you would prefer to see that rather than the online scans.  The office is open during the week 9am-5pm. 


First Movement

Page 1. Opening bars.


Look at the following pages, which are mm. 63-93. Pay special attention to bowing/slurring in mm. 83 and following: 
Page 13
Foldout page
Page 14
Page 15
Page 16


Mm. 125 and following (beginning of development)

Page 19


Mm. 248-272

Pages 42-45


Mm. 383 ff. To think about: m. 389 (full rest, tutti!)

Page 64


The final bars, together with alternative endings.
Pages 82-86

ASSIGNMENT: Transcribe your part from pages 84 and 85. Use the pages before and after to orient yourself (the first page of the manuscript lists which instrument is on which line.

Your transcription should be 13 measures long. We will play through this alternative ending on Monday the 21st.


Second Movement

Look at the tiny sketches at the bottom of page 99

Page 99
This prepares for:

Mm. 85 ff.

Pages 102-103


Mm. 199-205. The "piu moto"

Page 133


Mm. 221 ff.

Pages 138-139


Final bars, and especially the deleted bars on page 144.

Pages 143-144


Third Movement


Pages 185-187, and page 1 of Mendelssohn autogr. 20. This incomplete score was originally to have formed part of the main manuscript [Mendelssoh autogr. 8], but is now detached from it). This shows the indecision regarding a hotly contested matter: whether to recapitulate the full Allegro + Trio, to be followed by the second reprise of the Allegro (now in that ghostly new orchestration, leading to the finale); or, after the trio, to go directly to this ghostly return.


Mm. 323 through to the "attacca"

Pages 202-209

last updated: 10/14/2013