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last updated: 8/15/2013

Herman B Wells Library IQ-Wall

About the IQ-Wall

The IQ-Wall that occupied the Wells Library, first floor, East tower between May 2012-August 2013, has been relocated to the Mathers Museum of World Cultures in preparation for renovations of the Scholars' Commons. We anticipate the installation of a new IQ-Wall as part of the Scholars' Commons. Until then, we encourage you to contact the Advanced Visualization Lab to inquire about use of other Walls installed across the Bloomington and IUPUI campuses. The Advanced Visualization Lab (AVL) at IU is a unit of the Research Technologies division of UITS; Research Technologies is a Pervasive Technology Institute Cyberinfrastructure and Service Center.

The IQ-Wall was developed by AVL to promote innovative research and education using information-rich, ultra-resolution displays. Uses of the IQ-Wall are limitless, from displays of geospatial maps and complex visualizations to curated exhibitions and running arcade game simulations. Our aim is to continue to foster the greater IQ-Wall community of users, connect people with Walls across IU, and further cultivate interest and use.

last updated: 8/15/2013