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last updated: 2/21/2013

NIH Data Sharing Requirements

In 2003, the National Institute of Health issued a statement affirming their support of openly accessible data, and requiring that applicants seeking $500,000 or more in direct costs in any year of the proposed research would make their final research data openly available. Similar to most other open data requirements, the policy makes exceptions for proprietary data and human subjects and privacy-related data.

There are relatively less restrictions and instructions as to how a DMP should be created. The NIH Data Sharing Policy and Implementation Guidance reads:

Applicants who are planning to share data may wish to describe briefly the expected schedule for data sharing, the format of the final dataset, the documentation to be provided, whether or not any analytic tools also will be provided, whether or not a data-sharing agreement will be required and, if so, a brief description of such an agreement (including the criteria for deciding who can receive the data and whether or not any conditions will be placed on their use), and the mode of data sharing (e.g., under their own auspices by mailing a disk or posting data on their institutional or personal website, through a data archive or enclave).

See the NIH Data Sharing Policy and Implementation Guidance for more information on what to include in your grant application, as well as example DMPs.

IUB Resources

Indiana University Bloomington offers a variety of resources to help researchers write their DMPs and also follow the NIH Data Sharing Policy and Implementation Guidance:

  • DMPTool
    This interactive website offers guidance and resources for writing your own Data Management Plans to the specifications of a variety of grant funding agencies. Among its chief advantages is the availability of boilerplate language for researchers who plan to use the IUB cyberinfrastructure to manage their data.
  • IUB Data Management Service
    Detailed information on the data management services and cyberinfrastructure that Indiana University Bloomington offers affiliated researchers.
  • OVPR Proposal Development Services
    Offers guidance to researchers in planning and conceptualizing externally funded research projects, seeking funding, and submitting well-crafted and responsive applications.

The IU Libraries can answer questions about the policy on an individual basis or through meetings with groups or departments. We can also help you implement your Data Management Plan (archiving, preservation, and description of data) during or upon completion of your research.

Contact or visit the IUB Data Management Service website for more information.

General Resources

last updated: 2/21/2013