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Citing and Writing

Citation Guides

CSE: Council of Science Editors

Guide from Ohio State University

Guide from PennState


AMA: American Medical Association

Official Style Guide

Guide from the University of Washington


AIP: American Institute of Physics

Official Style Manual

Quick PDF Reference Guide from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


ACS: American Chemical Society

ACS (How to Cite) Reference Style Guidelines summary

ACS Citation Style Quick Guide


Other Information From IUB Libraries

How to Cite - Covers APA, MLA and Chicago styles

Guide to Citing U.S. Goverment Publications

Guide to Citing International Government Organization Publications

Wells Library Reference Blog post “How do I Cite??”


Journal Abbreviations

CASSI Web Version

All That JAS: Journal Abbreviation Sources

Thomson Reuters Abbreviated Titles


Writing Guide Books


Guide to Effective Grant Writing : How to Write a Successful NIH Grant Application

Writing Science : How to Write Papers That Get Cited and Proposals That Get Funded

Getting Published in the Life Sciences


Print Books:

Writing in the Life Sciences : A Critical Thinking Approach- 
                 available in the Life Sciences Library R118.G74 2010

A Student Handbook for Writing in Biology-
                 available at the Reserves desk in the Life Sciences Library QH304.K59 2009

A Short Guide to Writing about Biology-
                 available at the Reserves desk in the Life Science Library QH304.P43 2007 


Search IUCAT or Ask a Librarian for more books about writing for the sciences


Services Offered from IU

Writing Tutorial Services

Help with the Thesis & Dissertaion Process

The Scholarly Communication Department of IUB Libraries - information about scholarly publishing

IUScholarWorks - an Open Access publication option offered from IU


last updated: 9/13/2012