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Map Collections

IUB's map collection is the largest in the state of Indiana. The primary focus of the collection is on Indiana, but it contains maps from nearly every country in the world. Below are some of the collection highlights, but please search IUCAT or contact for more maps. See Find Maps for tips on searching for maps in IUCAT.

The major map collections of the IUB Libraries are housed on the 2nd floor of the East Tower of the Herman B Wells Library. Exceptions are geologic maps and some rare maps. The former are located in the Geosciences Library (601 Geology, 1001 E. 10th Street) and the latter are in the Lilly Library.

We also offer GIS Services and, through a partnership with the Geocaching Club at IUB, GPS kits are available for check out.

Map Collections:

Indiana Maps

INDIANA Maps Online | SANBORN Fire Insurance Maps |  Local Maps  |  Topographic Maps of Indiana   |  Aerial Photography

U.S. Maps

Digital Sanborn Maps Database | Census Maps | Alfred KINSEY Maps   |  Visual Relief Maps  |  Gazetteers  |   U.S. Flood Insurance Maps (on CD)  | | Topographic Map Indexes

International Maps (Some include U.S. maps)

International Map Sites | CIA maps  |  Zambia Maps | Proquest Historic Map Works |  Cyrillic Maps  | World War II News Maps | National Geographic Maps 


Other map links: Includes historical and current maps from other universities, private collections, and the U.S. government


Map Help

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) -- Information on maps and map library policies and services.
  • Find Maps-- Help navigating the ET2 collection
  • Reading Maps -- Help interpreting maps, including links to helpful pages and a glossary of terms.

More Help?

Many maps within the collection are not yet cataloged and are not represented in IUCAT or WorldCat. Check IUCAT first, but feel free to inquire with staff at the Government Information, Maps and Microform Services Department, East Tower 2, Herman B Wells Library, 812-855-6924, or visit Ask a Librarian!

last updated: 7/30/2013