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Musicians' Dates (Music Library)

Musicians' Dates (under construction)

     The purpose of this database is to serve as a comprehensive "ready reference" source of birth and death dates for musicians. It can also indirectly serve as an index to biographical sources about the musicians in question. It has been prompted by our experience that searching for dates is one of the most common -- and in many cases also one of the most time-consuming and frustrating -- reference questions for music librarians and users alike. Since the database is based entirely on secondary sources, it is not intended to be an authoritative source of information, and especially not to be an authority file for music catalogers. The capsule descriptions of the nationality and activities of the musicians are provided for identification purposes only.
     To create this database, we are going through reference sources, extracting the birth and death dates of musicians (primarily composers, but also prominent performers, instrument makers, printers, scholars, and other people connected with the world of music). We expect that the project will take a few years to be comprehensive. In the meantime, we are making available to you what we have completed, as we go along.
     Where conflicts exist in the dates given by different reference sources, we have listed first those dates that appear to be based on the most current research. On the succeeding lines we have given other dates that seem plausible. Sources that list a birth date but not a death date that is known from other sources have been included but on the line below the main listing of sources. Dates based on outdated research have simply been omitted, wherever possible.
     We would appreciate being informed of any errors in our listings, so we can make them as accurate as possible.

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last updated: 8/16/2007