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Secular Vocal Music - List of States (Music Library)

Secular Vocal Music

List of States and Territories


Note: used with M1629.7 Special Collections

.A3 Alabama
.A4 Alaska
.A5 Arizona
.A7 Arkansas
.C15 California
.C3 Carolina (general)
.C5 Colorado
.C7 Connecticut
.D3 Dakota (general)
.D33 Delaware
.D5 District of Columbia
.F6 Florida
.G4 Georgia
.H4 Hawaii
.I2 Idaho
.I3 Illinois
.I39 Indiana
.I6 Iowa
.K2 Kansas
.K4 Kentucky
.L8 Louisiana
.M2 Maine
.M3 Maryland
.M4 Massachusetts
.M5 Michigan
.M55 Minnesota
.M6 Mississippi
.M68 Missouri
.M7 Montana
.N36 Nebraska
.N5 Nevada
.N53 New Hampshire
.N55 New Jersey
.N57 New Mexico
.N6 New York
.N85 North Carolina
.N88 North Dakota
.O37 Ohio
.O5 Oklahoma
.O66 Oregon
.P4 Pennsylvania
.R47 Rhode Island
.S6 South Carolina
.S8 South Dakota
.T3 Tennessee
.T35 Texas
.U89 Utah
.V5 Vermont
.V8 Virginia
.W3 Washington
.W5 West Virginia
.W6 Wisconsin
.W9 Wyoming


Note: Used with M 1672-1673

.C2 Canal Zone
.G8 Guam
.V5 Virgin Islands

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last updated: 8/16/2007