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Secular Vocal Music - Topics (Music Library)

Secular Vocal Music


Note: used with M 1977-1978, part and solo songs

.A1 General
.A4 Aeronautics/Aviation
.A6 Animals
.A65 Antiques
.S705 Archery (search under: Sports)
.A8 Atoms
.S413 Autumn (search under: Seasons)
.A4 Aviation (see also: Aeronautics)
.B3 Balloons
.S713 Baseball (search under: Sports)
.S714 Basketball (search under: Sports)
.B38 Bawdy songs
.B4 Beauticians
.B5 Birds
.B53 Birthdays
.B6 Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Camp Fire Girls, etc.
.B7 Brotherhood week
.B8 Bullfights
.B6 Camp Fire Girls (Search under: Boy Scouts)
.C3 Camping
.C4 Cemeteries
.C34 Circus
.C46 Civil Defense
.C47 Civil rights
.H7 Comic songs (See also: Humorous songs)
.C48 Communism
.C5 Community
.C53 Conservation
.C55 Convicts
.C7 Crimes/Criminals
.D4 Democracy
.D7 Drinking
.E3 Economic conditions
.E33 Education
.E68 Emigration/Immigration
.E7 Epicures
.M55 Ethics (See also: Morals)
.S413 Fall (Search under: Seasons)
.F2 Farmers
.F26 Fathers
.F38 Fire prevention
.F4 Firefighters
.F5 Fishermen
.F54 Flowers
.S718 Football (Search under: Sports)
.F6 Foresters/ forest fires
.G3 Gambling
.G46 Geography
.B6 Girl Scouts (Search under: Boy Scouts)
.S72 Golf (Search under: Sports)
.T9 Gymnasts (See also: Turners)
.H3 Halloween
.H4 Health
.H5 Hiking
.H58 Hobbies
.H6 Hoboes
.H65 Homemakers/Housewives
.S723 Horse racing (Search under: Sports)
.H7 Humorous songs
.H8 Hunting
.H85 Husbands
.E68 Immigration (See also: Emigration)
.T3 Income tax (See also: Taxes)
.I5 Insurance sales personnel
.J7 Junior Republic
.J87 Juvenile delinquency
.L3 Labor
.L55 Litterbugs
.L8 Lumbermen
.M3 Mail carriers
.M37 May Day
.M4 Medical songs
.M5 Miners
.M54 Months
.M55 Morals
.M57 Mothers
.M6 Motor transportation
.M63 Mountaineering
.M8 Music publishing
.N48 Newspaper carriers
.N5 Newspapers
.N8 Nurses
.N83 Nutrition
.O5 Olympic games
.P4 Peace
.P47 Photography
.P5 Physical fitness
.P7 Police
.P75 Protest
.P8 Psychoanalysis
.R2 Radio, television, etc.
.R3 Railroads
.S726 Rodeos (Search under: Sports)
.S15 Safety
.S2 Sailors/Sea
.S4 Seasons

    .S413 Fall/Autumn
    .S417 Spring
    .S418 Summer
    .S42 Winter
.S43 Secretaries
.S45 Senior citizens
.S48 Shepherds
.S5 Singing commercials
.S727 Skiing (Search under: Sports)
.S55 Smoking
.S6 Soldiers
.S63 Space (missiles, rockets, etc.)
.S7 Sports
    .S705 Archery .S713 Baseball .S714 Basketball .S715 Bowling .S716 Boxing .S7165 Cycling .S718 Football .S72 Golf .S722 Horsemanship .S723 Horse racing .S726 Rodeos .S727 Skiing .S73 Skydiving
.S417 Spring (see also: Seasons)
.S418 Summer (see also: Seasons)
.T25 Tailors/Tailoring
.T3 Taxes
.R2 Television (Search under: Radio)
.T55 Titanic
.T6 Tolerance
.T8 Travel
.T87 Truckdrivers
.T9 Turners/Gymnasts
.T97 Typing
.V5 Voting
.W3 Waiters
.W38 Weather
.W4 Weddings
.W54 Wine
.S42 Winter (Search under: Seasons)
.W57 Witchcraft
.W64 Women
.WZ6 Zodiac

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