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Auditions (Music Library)

Spring 2014 Auditions

General Information for All Instruments

Spring 14 Tenor/Bass Trombone Auditions

Tenor/Bass Trombone Instructions

Tenor Trombone Excerpt List

Tenor Trombone Music

Bass Trombone Excerpt List

Bass Trombone Music

Spring 2014 Trumpet Auditions

Monday, 13 January 2014
Ford Hall, 1:30pm

Trumpet Excerpt List

Trumpet Music

Spring 2014 String Auditions

Only players who received callbacks for the fall auditions will re-audition for the spring semester.
All audition excerpts are the same as were used in the fall.


Violin Excerpt List

Violin Music


Viola Excerpt List

Viola Music


Cello Excerpt List

Cello Music


Bass Excerpt List

Bass Music

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