Book Reserves Request (Fine Arts Library)

Request for a Book to be placed on Reserve: Instructions and Form

Please read all instructions before submitting request. If you have any questions, email the Fine Arts Library or call 855-3314.


check.gif (342 bytes)   Fill in as much information as you have for each item. Some of the information is pre-filled.  However, this can be changed simply by selecting another choice.

check.gif (342 bytes)  One essential piece of information is the call number for the book. Do not give us a call number from a book on another campus; even if we own the book, we may have used another call number. If we do not own the book, we may be able to rush order it if you note that the book is not listed in IUCAT, but please anticipate the possibility of delays which often occur in the ordering process.

check.gif (342 bytes)   Be sure to indicate any special instructions you may have in the space provided, such as the need for multiple copies or the fact that the item is not listed in IUCAT and may need to be ordered.

check.gif (342 bytes)   Before submitting the request, check it for completeness and accuracy. It is easy to move around the form before you submit it and make corrections.

check.gif (342 bytes)   Be sure to click on "Submit" to complete the transaction. You will see the information that was included in the request. If you notice an error at this time, select the BACK button, make the correction on the form, and be sure to click again on "Submit".

check.gif (342 bytes)   To submit another request, click on the appropriate choice appearing under the text of your submitted request.

Instructor Name:      Dept:

Course Number:    Semester:    Year:

Book's Author:

Book's Title      Volume (if applicable):

Publisher:      Year of Pub:

Edition:      This Edition Only? YES NO

IU-B Library Call number:
(If there is no call number because it needs to be ordered, type "none".)

If book is not owned, should a copy be purchased? YES NO

(Optional) Need on reserves by:

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