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National Council for Science and the Environment
National Council for Science and the Environment

The Encyclopedia of Earth concerns "the environment of the Earth broadly defined" and its relationship with human society." It covers such topics as the hydrosphere, lithosphere, atmosphere, magnetosphere, cryosphere, and biosphere, and their interactions, especially in regards to how these systems support life and underpin human existence." It includes articles on living organisms, biological diversity and environmental change from a variety of points of view: "the natural, physical, and social sciences, the arts and humanities, and the professional disciplines (education, journalism, business, law, public health, engineering, medicine, public policy)."
There are also articles and discussion concerning: "Earth systems science, remote sensing, biogeochemistry, oceanography, and other non-biological terrestrial sciences. Environmental life sciences such as environmental biology, ecology, forestry, fisheries, marine biology, agriculture, aquaculture, and related fields.... Environmental engineering and other sciences related to the impacts of natural and anthropogenic activities on the environment, including assessment, prevention, control, regulation, remediation, and restoration."

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