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CQ American Government A-Z Series: Elections

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Elections A to Z

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Explains how campaigns and elections, the hallmark of any democracy, are conducted in the United States. Includes entries ranging from short definitions of terms such as "front-runner" to in- depth essays exploring vital issues affecting House, Senate, presidential, and some state-level elections.The same content from the print edition with electronic features that facilitate research: browse entries alphabetically and by specific document type; advanced search functions; cite entries with CQ Press's exclusive CITENOW! feature; email articles needed for research; save Documents and Searches to a unique user profile. (OCLC WorldCat)

Among the contents:
Part I: Elections in America
Ch. 1: The Evolution of American Elections
Ch. 2: Elections: An Expanding Franchise
Part II: Political Parties
Ch. 3: Campaign Finance
Ch. 4: Politics and Issues, 1945-2004
Ch. 5: Political Party Development
Ch. 6: Historical Profiles of American Political Parties
Ch. 7: The Historical Significance of Southern Primaries
Part III: Presidential Elections
Ch. 8: Introduction
Ch. 9: Chronology of Presidential Elections
Ch. 10: Presidential Primaries
Ch. 11: Presidential Primary Returns, 1912-2004
Ch. 12: Nominating Conventions
Ch. 13: Political Party Nominees, 1831-2004
Ch. 14: Convention Chronology, 1831-2004
Ch. 15: Key Convention Ballots
Ch. 16: Popular Vote Returns for President
Ch. 17: The Electoral College
Ch. 18: Electoral Votes for President, 1789-2004
Ch. 19: Biographical Directory of Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates
Part IV: Congressional Elections
Ch. 20: Introduction
Ch. 21: House Elections
Ch. 22: Reapportionment and Redistricting
Ch. 23: House Returns, 1824-2004
Ch. 24: Senate Elections
Ch. 25: U.S. Senators, 1789-2005
Ch. 26: Senate General Election Returns, 1913-2004
Ch. 27: Senate Primary Election Returns, 1920-2004
Part V: Gubernatorial Elections
Ch. 28: Introduction
Ch. 29: Governors of the States, 1776-2005
Ch. 30: Gubernatorial General Election Returns, 1776-2004
Ch. 31: Gubernatorial Primary Election Returns, 1919-2004
Part VI: Data and Documents

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