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Guide to Congress

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Database available to authorized IU Bloomington users (on or off campus) Database available to authorized IU Bloomington users (on or off campus)
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PART I: Origins and Development of Congress
Ch. 1: Constitutional Beginnings
Ch. 2: History of the House
Ch. 3: History of the Senate
Part II: Powers of Congress
Ch. 4: Power of the Purse
Ch. 5: Foreign Policy Powers
Ch. 6: Congressional Investigations
Ch. 7: The Senate's Confirmation Power
Ch. 8: Regulation of Commerce
Ch. 9: Impeachment Power
Ch. 10: Constitutional Amendments
Ch. 11: Power to Select the President
Ch. 12: Seat of Government
Ch. 13: Miscellaneous Powers
Part III: Congressional Procedures
Ch. 14: Party Leadership in Congress
Ch. 15: The Legislative Process
Ch. 16: The Committee System
Ch. 17 Congressional Staff
Ch. 18: Constituency Pressures
Ch. 19: The Media
Ch. 20: Internal
Ch. 21: The President
Ch. 22: The Supreme Court
Ch. 23: Lobbying
Part V: Housing and Support
Ch. 24: Capitol and Office Buildings
Ch. 25: Library of Congress
Ch. 26: Supporting Organizations
Part VI: Pay and Prerequisites
Ch. 27: Pay and Honoraria
Ch. 28: Allowances and Other Benefits
Part VII: Congress and the Electorate
Ch. 29: Who Elects Congress
Ch. 30: Political Parties and Elections
Ch. 31: Who Gets Elected
Ch. 32: Campaign Financing
Ch. 33: Reapportionment and Redistricting
Part VIII: Qualifications and Conduct
Ch. 34: Seating and Disciplining Members
Ch. 35: Ethics and Criminal Prosecutions
Part IX: Data and Documents
Congress and the Constitution
Congressional Information
Congressional Leadership or Leadership in Congress
Members of Congress
Parties and Elections
Rules and Procedures

Full text searching is available.Other features include tables and figures, a select bibliography, glossary, list of members of congress and how a bill becomes a law. There is an index that links to items in the database.

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