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Guide to U.S. Supreme Court

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Part I: Origins and Development of the Court
Ch. 1: Origins of Judicial Power
Ch. 2: From the Gilded Age to the Great Depression
Ch. 3: The New Deal, Civil Rights, and the Conservative Revival
Part II: The Court and the Federal System
Ch. 4: The Court and the Powers of Congress: Article I
Ch. 5: The Court and the Powers of the President: Article II
Ch. 6: The Court and Judicial Power: Article III
Ch. 7: The Court and the States
Part III: The Court and the Individual
Ch. 8: The Court and the Individual Ch. 9: Freedom for Ideas: The First Amendment and the Right to Believe, to Speak, to Assemble, to Petition, and to Publish
Ch. 10: The Rights of Political Participation
Ch. 11: Crime and Punishment
Ch. 12: Equal Rights and Personal Liberties
Part IV: Pressures on the Court
Ch. 13: Congressional Pressure
Ch. 14: Presidential Pressure
Ch. 15: The Court, the Press, and the Public
Part V: The Court at Work
Ch. 16: Operations and Traditions of the Court
Ch. 17: The People of the Court
Ch. 18: Courtrooms and Costs
Part VI: Members of the Court
Ch. 19: Members of the Court
Ch. 20: Brief Biographies
Part VII: Documents and Texts
Federal Court Information
Judiciary Acts, Rules and Reforms
Justices of the Court
Landmark Opinions
Major Decisions of the Supreme Court
U.S. Constitution and Founding Documents
The resource is searchable full text.

The Guide includes features (articles on a variety of subjects), tables and figures. There is alsoan index to subjects and cases that links to a short description of the case, sometimes with illustrations. The Justice Biographies contain biographical information about the justices and a photograph or illustration.

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