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Guide to the Presidency

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Part I: Origins and Development of the Presidency
Ch. 1: Constitutional Beginnings
Ch. 2: History of the Presidency
Ch. 3: History of the Vice Presidency
Ch. 4: Rating the Presidents
Part II: Selection and Removal of the President
Ch. 5: The Electoral Process and Taking Office
Ch. 6: Chronology of Presidential Elections
Ch. 7: Selection by Succession
Ch. 8: Removal of the President and the Vice President
Part III: Powers of the Presidency
Ch. 9: Unilateral Powers of the Presidency
Ch. 10: Chief of State
Ch. 11: Chief Administrator
Ch. 12: Legislative Leader
Ch. 13: Chief Diplomat
Ch. 14: Commander in Chief
Ch. 15: Chief Economist
Part IV: The President, the Public, and the Parties
Ch. 16: Presidential Appearances
Ch. 17: The President and Political Parties
Ch. 18: The President and the News Media
Ch. 19: The Presidency and Popular Culture
Ch. 20: Public Support and Opinion
Ch. 21: The President and Interest Groups
Part V: The Presidency and the Executive Branch
Ch. 22: Executive Office of the President: White House Office
Ch. 23: Office of the Vice President
Ch. 24: Executive Office of the President: Supporting Organizations
Ch. 25: The Cabinet and Executive Departments
Ch. 26: Presidential Commissions
Ch. 27: Housing of the Executive Branch
Ch. 28: Executive Branch Pay and Perquisites
Part VI: Chief Executive and Federal Government
Ch. 29: The President and Congress
Ch. 30: The President and the Supreme Court
Ch. 31: The President and the Bureaucracy
Part VII: Presidents, Their Families, and Life in the White House and Beyond
Ch. 32: Daily Life of the President
Ch. 33: The First Lady, The First Family, and the President's Friends
Ch. 34: Former Presidents
Part VIII: Biographies of the Presidents, Vice Presidents, and First Ladies
Ch. 35: Biographies of the Presidents
Ch. 36: Biographies of the Vice Presidents
Ch. 37: Biographies of the First Ladies
Part IX: Documents and Data
Documents and Text
Tabular and Graphical Data
The resources is searchable full text.

The Guuide contains a list of presidents, vice presidents and first ladies with biographies and photgraphs or illustrations.It also contains features, which are short essays on a varity of topics related to the presidency" Air Force One, Camp David, Oath of Office, presidential pardons and the White House Mess.
In tables you will find polls, votes,lists of vetoes, chiefs of staff, party chairs, and executive orders. There is also an index that links the term to its place in the chapters and essays.

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